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Yachecia v. Shawn: Small box of fried chicken (half-hr.)- YACHECIA HOLSTON

Battle #2:
Jason: Trio of sea scallops
Ty: Pan-seared scallops w/ citrus-pomegranate salad & smoky aioli
IN- Jason Wang

Battle #3:
Adam: Spot prawn tempura tacos w/ yuzu aioli, red cabbage & salmon roe
David: Caribbean fish tacos w/ coleslaw, bell peppers, avocado & scallions
Julia: Spicy duck tacos w/ dragon fruit, Serrano pepper & crema
Gabriel: Sweet & spicy tacos w/ blackened tilapia, avocado crema & mango-peach salsa
IN- Gabriel Lewis & Adam Wong

Battle #4:
Paola: Seared duck breast w/ farro, Spring peas, heirloom carrots & pearl onions
Reba: Seared duck breast w/ Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes & wild mushroom sauce
IN- Reba Billingsley

ALSO IN- Caitlin Jones, Jenny Cavellier, Paige Jimenez, Sam Reiff-Pasarew, Necco Ceresani & Mark Togni

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