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“Ca$h Cab” 7/8/10

G1: Unknown trio (18th & 5th)(BtG: 33)

#1: If you were to defenestrate me, you would be forcing me to leave the cab in what unusual manner?
Thrown out the window
#2: What Oscar Wilde character lent his name to a psychological syndrome characterized by an obsession w/ youth?
Dorian Gray
#3: Demolished in 2008, the Cabrini-Green Housing Projects once brought INFAMY to what American city?
#4: In 1763, followers of Chief Pontiac took over a British fort by staging a PHONY march of what traditional sport?

Sole $200 Q: Meaning “redhead” in Italian, what flashy Ferrari coupe’s now a symbol of ’80s excess?

VB: Divided among Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, this exotic island has been described as Mother Nature’s wildest fantasy (& was the setting for the very first season of “SURVIVOR”). A haven for bearded pigs & orangutans, what’s the name of this bio-diverse destination?
FA: Borneo ($1600)

G2: John & Deva (Church & Broadway)(BtG: 34)

#1: Named after horsemen of Greek myth, what celestial objects are half-asteroid & half-comet?
MSO: Liz
Chiron (A: Centaurs)
#2: Named for its floral equivalent, what electrical wiring scheme connects A to B, B to C & C to D?
Daisy Chain
RLC: Name four of the six most populous capitals in South America.
Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima & Brasilia (Didn’t need to get: Bogota & Caracas)

G3: Peter & Susan (20th & 5th)(BtG: 43)
LOST $350


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