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FF: Juan Alvarado, Trellis Kane, Emma Sickles & Walter Corriea
IUFB #1: AIRHEAD paddleboard (A at #3)

JUAN: 1123/TRELLIS: 800/EMMA: 750/WALTER: 1175

All Walter has to do is know about the CoG trick to win a trip to Bay Gardens Resorts (#4).
G: GOING ($7879)

5. Mickie Woodall
IUFB #2: 6prs Jord Wood watches (ceiling)

Juan: 1800/Trellis: 1410/Emma: 1450/MICKIE: 1350

It’s about time for Temptation to be played again & Emma has a slim chance at the ’17 Nissan Versa Plus (A). Drew presses the first button at the start of the game, which is unusual these days.
Canon 20.2mp pkg. ($655): 6
acer laptop pkg. ($949): 9
Pit Boss grill: 7
BBB ($2555): 5
FA: $15975- BAILOUT

(Notes: Drew revealed the last digit first in the proveout. Also, that was the cheapest Temptation car since a $15,340 Chevrolet Cavalier on 12/17/01.)

6. Chase Boehringer
IUFB #3: Pairs of Street Hopper speakers & FIIO X3 players (R in Clam)

Juan: 650/Trellis: 1001/CHASE: 875/Mickie: 1K

By being a $50 bill off, Juan plays H-L for the BOWFLEX MAX Trainer & homewardbath steam shower + $500 credits from Life Your Life Gear & Suja Juice, a total retail value of $9,198.
I: Allegra (15), Campbell’s Home Style New England clam chowder, Purex, Tony Roma’s BBQ sauce, CHEEZ-IT (small container) & Don Francisco’s ground coffee
P: Allegra (15), Don Francisco’s & Purex

SCSD #1:
Juan: 35 + 20 = .55
Emma ($6,496): NICKEL X3
Walter ($9,113): BOTH GREEN SECTIONS

7. Kenneth Rose
IUFB #4: Danby 129-bottle wine fridge (R at RS)

KENNETH: 1450/Trellis: 1320/Chase: 1451/Mickie: 1452

Mickie could break the current dry spell on the car games because she’s playing MK for the ’17 Chevy Trax, alongside the SAMSUNG 65″ curved 4K HDTV & a SONY PS4/VR pkg.
Battery charger (534)- O
Dirt Devil hand vac (642)- DOB

8. Megan Atkinson
IUFB #5: 7pc Geniuspack luggage (A at GPT)

Kenneth: 1050/Trellis: 1055/Chase: 1056/MEGAN: 700

ARP: $1,…300- Chase is on the prowl for a trip to the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (#3- incl. $300 credit).
NL: 451682397
G: 6823

FINAL PLAYER: Renee Sentance
FINAL IUFB: Touchsteon wall-mount fireplace + leather chaise & amazon kindle (R at SS)

Kenneth: 1750/Trellis: 1800/RENEE: 2010/Megan: 1550

Total price: $2,…469- Renee’s M# will hopefully be big enough to win the SAMSUNG W/D (R) & can-am DS250.
M#: 1728

SCSD #2:
Mickie: .85
Renee: QUARTER + 30 = .55
Chase ($8,123): QUARTER + DIME = .35

In front of CR- Emily Chelsea necklace & ring (A in front of CR)
#4- Trip to Hotel Center Thing Holt
#2- Bayliner element


L- 8pc Burberry acc. (R)
I- ’17 Toyota Yaris (A)

BID ON HATCHBACK SHOWCASE: $19.5K (Burberry: $4175)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/31/17" (5)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Terrible episode today. No car winner and 2 redeemed contestants made it to the showcase. Ant1988, here’s the link of the last time that the contestant won the showcase despite a wipeout on Master Key. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1XFoYaIJ9Q
    Today’s FFBC contestant: Trellis
    All the prizes are going to waste: Samsung HDTV, PS4 and Chevrolet Trax
    Grade: F+

    • Ant1988 said:

      2 Games won, 1 Bailout in Temptation, 3 Game losses. No Car win for its 8th Straight Show. On pace for its Worst Week if we don’t get a Car win.

      My rating: 4

      • Ismael Gomez said:

        I already said you’re supposed to go overbid. Here are the results for December 6, 2004 episode. 2 pricing games were won, no car winner and pricing game loser Renee won the showcase. You forgot to post a comment on Wheel of Fortune and yesterday’s episode of the Price is Right last night.

  2. if another car PG wipeout again, would’ve ties the Car PG losing streak record of 22.(2/20/12~3/5/12)

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