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FF: Douglas Johnson, Yolanda Allen-Moka, Maureen O’Hara & Emil Robinson
IUFB #1: Smartphone (R)


Technically by default, Emil plays C-H for a zuo office w/ the Apple 27″ iMac & a Sym Wolf Classic 150 motorcycle + 2hrs lessons worth $7,132.
Panasonic steam iron: $30- 5
Wancle electric corkscrew: $33- 8 ($36)
andis portable hairdryer: $40- 13

5. Bethany Taylor
IUFB #2: Dolphin Bay getaway (#6)

Douglas: 1550/Yolanda: 1600/Maureen: 1601/BETHANY: 1.5K

Maureen has to place the 1RP of $3099 on either the BULL BBQ (R) or six Tory Burch purses.
G: T.B. purses

6. Allison Roddy
IUFB #3: Three Cuisinart small appliances + mixing bowls (A in Clam)

Douglas: 225/Yolanda: 500/ALLISON: 200/Bethany: 450

Yolanda easily wins the $725 one-bid & plays MoL for the Hathaway air hockey table, the GE French-door fridge, an ORION telescope pkg. &/or the ’17 Nissan JUKE.
Air hockey ($1200): (L)$
French-door fridge ($2700): (M)$
Telescope pkg. ($1K): (M) $ ($1356)
AUTOMOBILE ($21,800): (M)X

SCSD #1:
Maureen: .95
Yolanda ($5,871): 85 + 95
Emil ($7,927): .95

M: .8
E: .45

7. Rose Testa-Monaghan
IUFB #4: NAPOLEON firepit table (R at SS)

Douglas: 1201/ROSE: 900/Allison: 700/Bethany: 1200

Douglas might win SBS for the square Beachcomber LEEP + two Home Styles chaise lounges + umbrella.
G (92 on top): 7692

8. Javier Chavez

JAVIER: 1200/Rose: 800/Allison: 750/Bethany: 1

I don’t know about the (aired) car game losing streak ending w/ GM for the ’17 maZDa3 (Std., Mats).
PT: $21,080, $17,615, $19,480, $20,325 & $18,299
#1: $17,615 ($1K)
#2: $18,299 (QUADRUPLE)
#3: $21,080 ($4K: $19K+)

FINAL PLAYER: Cory Crockett
FINAL IUFB: GARMIN trackers (ceiling)

CORY: 850/Rose: 935/Allison: 700/Bethany: 1

Bethany plays PaP for a pair of Crystal Kayaks & a trip to the Flamingo (A), making this pkg. worth $12,238.
I: Banquet sausage links, Black Forest gummy worms, Playtex Latex gloves, Famous Dave’s Pickle Chips, Kellogg’s Honey Smacks & Betty Crocker candles

#1: Sausage links- $1.99
#2: Candles– KEEPS $1.99
FP: Gummy worms- W

SCSD #2:
Douglas: 60 + 95
Javier: H-D + 20 = .7
Bethany ($12,738): QUARTER + 40 = .65

#1- carolinachair.com L.R., SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV & 8d caravan.com tour of New England for four (R)
#3- ’17 Honda HR-V (Std., Net)

BID ON TOUR/CUV SHOWCASE: $32,300 (ARP: $33,868)

In front- Hotel Atlante Star & Wekopa Resort (latter trip’s for a wk.)(R)
I- China World Summit Wing

BID ON TRIPCASE: $21,750 (ARP: $35,812)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/30/17" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Terrible episode today. 2 pricing games were won and the car losing streak continues. 2 redeemed contestants made it to the showcase. I’m sure that Ant1988 must be sick.
    Grade: F+

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