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Kimberly Ewertz (Army vet & member of a police detective agency)
+1: Paul (coworker)

$500: At STARBUCKS, which of these ISN’T a type of milk you can ask a barista to add to your coffee?

A: Coconut
B: Whole
C: Soy
D: Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia $

$1K: Suggesting that most of us need to be more active, a survey by Reebok reveals that the avg. person spends nearly 30% of their life doing what?

A: Eating protein bars
B: Sitting down
C: Running ultra-marathons
D: Drinking kale smoothies

Sitting down $

$2K: Though the title was changed to “Miss America” the next yr., the 1st winner of Atlantic City’s famous pageant was named “The Most Beautiful…” what “…in America”?

A: Bathing Girl
B: Mob Mistress
C: Craps Shooter
D: Disgruntled Hotel Maid

Bathing Girl$

$3K: Though many pregnant women feared contracting it in 2016, which of these illnesses was first discovered in Uganda nearly 70 yrs. ago?

A: Ebola
B: Avian flu
C: Zika virus


$5K: If they all wanted to catch a game together, the entire population of which of these places could easily fit inside Pasadena’s Rose Bowl?

A: Poland
B: Greenland
C: Thailand
D: Ireland

Greenland $

$7K: Appointed in ’15, which of these is the 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense & NOT a member of the Backstreet Boys?

A: Kevin Richardson
B: Ashton Carter
C: A.J. McLean
D: Howie D.


Andy Stein (Astoria, NY)

$500: In 1997 Sister Nirmala Joshi became head of the Missionaries of Charity congregation, succeeding what late Nobel Peace Prize winner?

A: Mother Teresa
B: Uncle Buck
C: Grampa Simpson
D: Cousin Itt

Mother Teresa$

$1K: Helping its users book overnight pet stays for cheaper than a kennel, the app Rover is often described as which of these?

A: facebook for goldfish
B: LinkedIn for parakeets
C: airbnb for dogs
D: Snapchat for gerbils

airbnb for dogs$

$2K: Famous drummer Ernesto Antonio Puente & former Motown boy band member Toriano Adaryll Jackson share what nickname?

A: Cheeto
B: Frito
C: Tito
D: Dorito

Tito $

$3K: Featuring a photo of its namesake on the tongue, what trendy sneaker was named after a tennis player, NOT a basketball player?

A: Converse Chuck Taylor
B: adidas Stan Smith
C: NIKE Air Jordan

adidas Stan Smith$

$5K: Considered by the ancient Greeks to be the “Chief” of the nine Muses, who was the inspirational goddess NOT of circus music, but rather epic poetry?

A: Clio
B: Thalia
C: Calliope
D: Terpsichore

Calliope $

$7K: Those hoping to see a superhero flick will be SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED by ALL BUT which of these movies?

A: “Wonder Boys”
B: “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
C: “Ghost Rider”
D: “Rain Man”


A: 14%
B: 5%
C: 69%
D: 12%

“Ghost Rider”$

$10K: Often meaning “you’re welcome”, which of the following phrases originated in Sydney in the 1960s & has been called Australia’s national motto?

A: My pleasure
B: Forget it
C: You betcha
D: No worries

No worries$

QotD: Acc. to Real Simple, you can help keep brown sugar from hardening by putting what in the bag?
A: Pinto beans
B: Marshmallows
C: Small pebbles
D: Breath mints

$20K: Which of these Vegas hotel attractions is taller than the actual site it replicates?

A: Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower
C: The Luxor’s Sphinx
D: NY, NY’s Statue of Liberty



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