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Yes, the usual top prize’s still $50K.
T: Max & Carlos Alvarez (Bellflower, CA bros.), Ashly & Harrison (Voorhees, NJ), Marissa & Mackinzie (DET) & Brittney & Brandi (Compton, CA)

Beat the Beast: While strapped into a bed blindfolded & covered w/ cockroaches & worms, 3:00 were on the timer to grab as many roaches as possible & put ’em in boxes. Whoever did the best claimed the Fear Advantage in the next rd.
M&M: 44
A&H: 21
M&C: 32
B&B: 26

Face Your Fear: One teammate would get in a vacuum-sealed bag (the air in that bag would be sucked out as time went on) and be put in a morgue drawer & the other would be locked/chained up in a different morgue drawer. The 2nd teammate’s mission was to get free of all three locks & then free their partner.
B&B: 6:22
M&C: 5:24
M&M: 3:47

THE FINAL FEAR: You were locked in a cage (three holes were at the top to allow people to breathe) that was lowered in chilly water. To stop that clock, you were to release all the wingnuts to open the cage’s door & grab the flags.
M&M (if they weren’t successful, the Alvarez bros. would get to try again)- W

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