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G2: Dickenses (Roland, Jimmy, Ricky, Rita & Toney) v. Simmonses

R1: Name something that Santa Claus has that probably makes the Easter bunny jealous:

#2: A sweet sleigh (22)(Roland)
#3: A big sack/toys (16)(Cole)

Dickenses: Flying reindeer (#5- 12), elves/minions (#1- 28), Mrs. Claus/hot wife (#4- 13), list, home & cookies and milk (2)- CS

R2: Name something a CHEATING husband might be afraid his wife will do while he’s sleeping:

#1: Check cell/email (32)(Jimmy)

Dickenses: Go thru wallet (#4- 5), go thru pockets, neuter/hurt him (#3- 22), leave him (BA- 2), CHEAT on him (T5- 3), take his $, smell perfume on him
Cole Steal: DESTROY belongings (#2: Smother/KILL him- 27/T5: Hear him sleep-talk)

Double: Name a kind of fish that would be hard to flush down the toilet if it died:

#1: Shark (31)(Mary)
X- Trout (Ricky), flounder (Larry) & whale (Rita)

Simmonses: Sword (BA- 5), tuna (T2- 10), dolphin, snapper, sail
Roland Steal: Mackerel- X (T2: Cat/BA left over: Bass)

TRIPLE: Name something guys think will smell clean if they just spritz cologne on it:

#1: Clothes (55)(Mary)

Simmonses: Car, pillows/bedding (ONE OF TWO BAs- 2), pits/nads/bod (#2- 40), bathroom & sports equip.
Roland Steal to Steal Championship or Leave: Kids (Un-given: Dirty diapers/poop)

#1: Something parents save to remind them of when their kids were young.
#2: An insect you hope NEVER gets inside your ears.
#3: Something you do only once in your lifetime.
#4: A three-letter word ending in X.
#5: Besides a toothbrush, something people use to clean their teeth.

Cole: Pictures (28), spider (21), marry (21), sex (38) & their fingers
Katie: Old clothes (3), grasshopper, die (29), six & mouthwash
Unsaid #1s: Bee/wasp & floss


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 1/31/14" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    How six and mouthwash didn’t score any points is beyond me.

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