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FIRST THREE RETURNEES: Jack Crabb (14)(Austin)(11/10/15), Danielle, Tavia & Cassidy
J: Marc, Alex & Kristen Kish

A: Mache, snack mix, watermelon agua fresha & frog legs
Danielle: Pulled frog leg w/ chimichurri & agua fresca mache salad
Jack: Grilled frog legs w/ mache salad & agua fresca vinaigrette
Tavia: Buttermilk-fried frog legs w/ wilted spicy mache salad
Cassidy: Pan-seared frog legs w/ mache pesto
C- Jack

E: Pork tenderloin, apple blossoms, haricots verts & dried fish
Tavia: Spiced pork tenderloin w/ sauteed haricots verts
Danielle: Spiced pork medallions w/ apple chutney & haricots verts
Cassidy: Pork tenderloin w/ bacon, beans & white wine mustard sauce
C- Danielle

D: Skyr, kiwi, jackfruit snacks & honey pie
Cassidy: Jackfruit & almond dark chocolate brittle w/ honey & lemon mousse
Tavia: Honey pie Napoleon w/ honey pie & skyr W.C.
W- Tavia


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