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“Chopped” 5/30/17

Jordan Lloyd (Bartlett Pear Inn EC & restaurateur in Easton, MD)
Miranda Rosenfelt (Sally’s Middle Name chef de cuisine in Washington, D.C.)
Mauricio Nunez (Village Social Kitchen + Bar chef de cuisine)
Nicolas Ferreira (priv. chef)
J: Marc, Amanda & Jonathon

A: Shrimp heads/shells, stale bagels, black velvet tomatoes & gnarled carrots
Miranda: Roasted carrots w/ spicy tomato shrimp sauce
Mauricio: Frisee salad w/ shaved carrots, whole shrimp & bagel croutons
Nicolas: Shrimp veloute w/ tomato on toast & glazed carrots
Jordan: Roasted shrimp head bisque w/ tomato/carrot salad
C- Mauricio

E: Dogfish, radish tops, beef tallow candles & twisted cucumbers
Nicolas: Steamed dogfish w/ braised radish & compressed cucumber
Jordan: Radish leaf-crusted dogfish w/ cucumber carpaccio
Miranda: Tallow-seared dogfish w/ cucumber salad & radish pesto

D: Whipped aquafaba, BURNT chocolate chip cookies, cacoa beans w/ pulp & brown bananas
Nicolas: Banana cookie genoise w/ coffee-poached cacao beans & Ricotta
Jordan: Banana aria w/ cacoa bean creme anglaise
W- Nicolas


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  1. V. King said:

    I’m trying to reach the young chef, Michael Chatman. I want to help him out in going home to see his mother.

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