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Bryce Dahl (Mapleton, UT)
+1: Dave Harding

$500: In a famous Irving Berlin song popularized by Ella Fitzgerald, the singer sang about ALL BUT which of the following blue things?

A: “Blue skies smilin’ at me”
B: “Bluebirds singing a song”
C: “Blue days all of them gone”
D: “‘Blue Bloods’, starring Tom Selleck”

“‘Blue Bloods’, starring Tom Selleck” $

$1K: As advanced recommendations are recommended, the National Park Service suggests you call 1-877-LADY-TIX if you want to do what popular tourist activity?

A: Go to a Lady GaGa concert
B: Visit the Statue of Liberty
C: Have lunch w/ the First Lady
D: See a collection of female parasites

Visit the Statue of Liberty$

$2K: Though you might be frightened by its eight legs & menacing-looking claws, which of these is an actual creature that’s rarely harmful to humans?

A: Pseudoscorpion
B: Sortaseal
C: Kindakangaroo
D: Bougsbuffalo


$3K: GQ has called what once-divided European capital “the coolest city on the planet” thanks to its clubs, Tiergarten Park & Brooklyn-like neighborhood of Kreuzberg?

A: Athens
B: Berlin
C: Rome
D: Lisbon


$5K: Acc. to one theory of the word’s origin, early 20th C. workers would “sabotage” machinery by throwing in sabots, which were fittingly what type of shoe?

A: Clogs
B: Sandals
C: Moccasins
D: Galoshes


$7K: Of the five “Reaction” emojis facebook added to its “Like” button in ’16, which one’s to the immediate right of the “Love” button?

A: Angry
B: Haha
C: Sad
D: Wow

SadNO MORE (A: Haha)

Kerry O’Connell (IND)

$500: Which of the following’s one of “15 Hilarious Church Signs” found on the web & NOT one of the actual Ten Commandments?

A: Thou shalt not kill
B: Thou shalt not steal
C: Thou shalt not commit adultery
D: Thou shalt not park here

Thou shalt not park here$

$1K: NOT returned until 221 yrs. later, which of these books did George Washington check out from a NY library in 1789?

A: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
B: The Law of Nations
C: Who Moved My Cheese?
D: The South Beach Diet

The Law of Nations$

$2K: Each Spring, a MD arts council hosts an event called PEEPshow, where local artists display their “masterpieces” made primarily w/ what?

A: Popsicle sticks
B: Chewing gum
C: Marshmallow candies
D: Cinderblocks

Marshmallow candies$

$3K: W/ its four vibrant colors that illuminate like disco lights, it’s fitting that the game Simon had its ’78 release party at what former NYC hotspot?

A: The Cotton Club
B: Tavern on the Green
C: Studio 54
D: The Russian Tea Room

Studio 54$

$5K: Of all the appliances tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau, which of these is the most ubiquitous, found in 99.2% of American households?

A: Refrigerator
B: Washing machine
C: Air conditioner
D: Landline telephone


$7K: On Billboard.com’s list of all the “Songs of the Summer” since ’59, what #1 song was performed by an artist w/ the last name of Summer?

A: “Bette Davis Eyes”
B: “Time After Time”
C: “Bad Girls”
D: “Physical”

“Bad Girls”$

$10K: You will NOT find two adjacent U.S. states whose names begin w/ which of these pairs of letters?

A: F&G
B: L&M
C: O&P
D: T&U


$20K: What’s Baltusrol?

A: Scottish castle
B: Brand of shaving products
C: NJ golf course
D: Culinary school


A: 46%
B: 13%
C: 30%
D: 11%

Scottish castleAUDIENCED OUT (A: NJ golf course)

QotD: The famous train robber Butch Cassidy headed up a loosely-organized group of outlaws known as what?
A: The Motley Crew
B: The Ragtag Pack
C: The Rough Gang
D: The Wild Bunch

Thousandaire: Stephanie Badgley

A muselet is the wire cage often seen on bottles of what?

A: Soda
B: Milk
C: Champagne
D: Seltzer

FA: Champagne


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