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Jordan: $900 (#2)- Snowman L.R.
Melissa: $700 (BB)- Baking kitchen
Kandy: M-C- One-wk. trip to South Africa


L: Temitayo & Olvwadamiina
C (#1): Toyota Corolla
P: #3, #6 & #8
ST (SE): Dry cleaning for a yr. ($2,506)

#3: WAYNE (P.B.)
#8: TIFFANY ($3K)(CAR: #4 & #7)
#6- WIN P.B.

Jennifer’s “LMaD News” FD D: #2- Trip to Sheraton Maui + HAWAIIAN Tropic pkg. ($8,802)

PD #2

SB Gauntlet: Barbara
RB: SONY 24.2mp
GB: $2K (doubles winnings)- BAILS (BB: $5K pearl jewelry collection/YB: Fresh pasta wig)

KoR: Tiffany
#1: BBQ pkg. incl. $500 Omaha Steaks GC ($3,230)
#2: APT 2B L.R.
#3: ’17 Hyundai Elantra

BBQ pkg.: 2, 6, 5
L.R.: 3, 4 & 3

Reginald’s FD D: #3- Home theater (BB, which had a close-up: Brick canoe)

PD #3

BD: Reginald then loses his H.T. to DOOR #2 for the BOWFLEX Treadclimber pkg. DOOR #1 would’ve also sent home away w/ the 5n London trip & ScIOn iA.

SOLE AIRED QD (Tamika): Remembering either the first or last digit in today’s BD value ($31,003)($200)- HAD IT ALL DOWN


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/30/17" (2)

  1. Ant1988 said:

    What a Disappointing Show. 3 Perfect Deals but No Car win and Small Deal win.

    My rating: 6

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is true. Today on price, we have 2 pricing games win, no car win and 2 redeemed contestants made it to the showcase. If we don’t get a car win on Wheel tonight, we will get a car shutout.
      Grade: D+
      Grade for Price: F+

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