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“Ca$h Cab” 7/2/10

G1: Scott & Ronda (45th & 9th)(BtG: 33)

#1: Paying homage to the Razorbacks, KHOG was an abc TV affiliate located in what state?
RLC: English, German & French are the three most-commonly spoken languages in the European Union. Name the other seven that make up the top ten.
Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, DutchX (Other: Greek)
#2: Inspiring the name of a PIXAR protagonist, what Jules Verne character stalked the seas in a submarine called The Nautilus?
#3: The subject of a politically-charged U2 song, Jan. 30, 1972 was better known by what gruesome nickname?
“Bloody Sunday”
#4: Far from tangential, the mnemonic “Soh-Cah-Toa” outlines the three main functions of what branch of mathematics?

#1: Called “giz” for short, what website’s said to be the favorite gadget blog of Apple’s Steve Jobs?
#2: Sharing its name w/ a classic TV series, what’s the term for the imaginary line on a planet where day meets night?
Twilight Zone
FQ: Perhaps a victim of the Royal Air Force, what big band icon disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean in 1944?
OTHER S-O: Alicia (babysitter)
FQ: Benny Goodman (A: Glenn Miller)($1K)

G2: Jonathan (36th & Madison)(BtG: 33)

G3: Tara, Jay Paul & Bill (17th & 7th)(BtG: 41)

#1: When the SAT added an essay section in ’06, what fluid style of handwriting was used by only 15% of test takers?
#2: Due to escaped pythons, what Aussie airline canceled two flights in 2009 because it literally had snakes on a plane?
#3: Referring to the address of its PM, numberten.gov is an official website of what country’s government?
#4: A haughtier version of “ta-da!” or “presto!”, what French interjection means “see there” in English?
C’est la vie (A: Voila)

#1: Altering the length of linens, what Summer camp prank’s known as apple-pie bed in the U.K.?
#2: Meaning “green” in Japanese, what melon-flavored liqueur was unveiled in 1978 at NY’s Studio 54?
#3: Acc. to a popular theory, what civilization’s long-count calendar suggested that doomsday would occur in 2012?
#4: On her website, what former talk show host laments that her success has been overshadowed by her plastic glasses?
Sally Jessy Raphael

Sole $200 Q: What nickname did Bernhard Goetz get after a VIOLENT encounter in 1984 w/ four teens on the Number Two Express Train?
MSO: Shar (Tara’s mom)
FA: “Subway Vigilante” ($750)


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