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FF: Linda Stokes, Alexander Vogl, Carol Coprivnicar & Timothy Hamner
IUFB #1: Apple iPad Pro + 4prs Skullcandy headphones (J in Clam)


Remember last wk.? Well, let’s see how Alexander does at P!.

Weston French fry/veggie cutter (24): 4
Holmes tower humidifier (38): 8
Oster 14spd blender (46): 4
BRaUn beard trimmer (90): 0

#1: 1K (L)
#2: OTHER 1K
#3: 10K
#4: 0 (R)

5. Katie Lee
IUFB #2: Breville espresso w/ grinder & four glasses (A at #5)

Linda: 651/KATIE: 500/Carol: 650/Timothy: 350

By being 30 clams off, Katie plays S? for six kate spade purses (R)($2098) & the SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV.
S?: Y

6. Kecia Milberg
IUFB #3: Magellan GPS system/dashcam (R)

Linda: 502/KECIA: 799/Carol: 500/Timothy: 501

Price: $635- Linda plays L$ for a MINI Hardtop (Std., Paint, Stripes, Antenna, Locks, Click-and-Drive, Holder, Prot)(A).
2nd: 2- $6 LEFT (3)
3rd: 1- $5 LEFT (2)
Rest of the Way: 5’s OUT- OOPS (ARP: $23,269)

SCSD #1:
Katie: 60 + 55
Linda: DIME X6
Alexander ($13,678): 20 X5 (BS: .2)

7. Kelly Chavers
IUFB #4: BLACK + DECKER lawn care (J at SS)

KELLY: 2K/Kecia: 1800/Carol: 1.5K/Timothy: 1

Sole underbidder Timothy plays F-F for a trip to the Hamadryade Lodge in Tena, Ecuador (R at #4).
G: FLIPS (8680)- L

8. James Peden
IUFB #5: Hatteras Hammocks Roman Arc (A at GPT)

Kelly: 499/Kecia: 1400/Carol: 500/JAMES: 1300

Carol has to ignore the prize w/ the Danger Price ($2149) among these- the Buddy scooter (R), the KitchenAid gas range, a Lenovo all-in-one computer & NordicTrack treadmill.
P: Buddy scooter, Lenovo all-in-one ($609) & NordicTrack T.

FINAL PLAYER: Kaylea Annen
FINAL IUFB: 6pc Versace ladies’ sunglasses (ceiling)

Kelly: 747/Kecia: 748/KAYLEA: 650/James: 1

Kecia’s the top bidder at $1,725 & plays StD for a ’17 Hyundai Elantra (Std., PEP, Mats, Prot)(J).
N: 0123469

$3.99: BAND-AID antiseptic & Tropicana FARMSTAND
P: Tropicana

$7.49: Allegra (30) & Neutrogena shave gel
P: Allegra (30)

$2.99: SMUCKER’S boysenberry syrup & GUM dental picks
P: GUM dental picks ($5.89)

FA: 21439 (ARP: $20,463)

SCSD #2:
Timothy: 50 + 55
Kecia: .95
Carol ($8,236): NICKEL X3

#1- 5n at The Peabody Memphis (A)
R of #1- $1200 Hard Rock CAFE GC
#3- ’17 Ford Fiesta HB (R)


R of #2- Trip to Dear Hotel in Madrid (A- incl. hot-air balloon ride)
I- Outdoor 8 Ball table & Park & Sun Sports 4pc outdoor game pkg. (A)
#4- Trip to Le Royal Huahine (J)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/29/17" (4)

  1. Ant1988 said:

    Wow. It is an Okay Memorial Day show after a rough Start. 2 Pricing Games won ($12K on Plinko), 4 Games loss with No car win in Pricing Games. Alexander won Another $1K on the Wheel and What’s even Better to Start the Week off: A Double Showcase Winner. Congrats Alexander!

    My rating: 8

  2. Had Alexander Bid $24,375 In Showcase It Would’ve Been Double Overbid.

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