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$100K: Good for one last joke, what comedian’s children reportedly found a note after he died asking that he be “buried on top of Marilyn Monroe”?

A: George Burns
B: Groucho Marx
C: Jackie Gleason
D: Milton Berle


$250K: While rushing to swear in LBJ aboard the Air Force One in ’63, federal judge Sarah Hughes did what?

A: Boarded the WRONG plane
B: Had him raise his left hand
C: Left her eyeglasses in her car
D: Added “So help me God” to the oath

FA: G.O. (A: Added “So help me God”)

Newbie: Lou Castaneda

$500: Founded in London in the 1970s, what restaurant’s music memorabilia collection began w/ an item from regular Eric Clapton, who wanted to “mark his spot”?

A: Hard Rock CAFE
B: Smooth Jazz Steakhouse
C: Christian Metal Pizza Snack
D: Adult Contemporary Taqueira

Hard Rock CAFE$

$1K: Created by Joseph Stalin in 1944, the Order of Maternal Glory 1st Class was a Soviet award given to women who did what?

A: Wrote nine novels
B: Killed nine bears
C: Won nine world chess championships
D: Had nine children

Had nine children$

$2K: The article “Best Cruises for Non-Cruisers” says you can avoid seasickness by taking what inland voyage, as it involves calmer waters & more time spent onshore?

A: Caribbean cruise
B: River cruise
C: Around-the-world cruise
D: Transatlantic cruise

River cruise$

$3K: What McDonald’s sandwich was invented by a Cincinnati franchisee who wanted to drum up more Fri. business in a heavily Catholic neighborhood?

A: McRib
B: Egg McMuffin
C: McChicken
D: Filet-O-Fish


$5K: What NBC variety show that debuted in ’16 starred two former “SNL” cast members– one who was there from ’00-7 & the other from ’84-5?

A: “Tina & Eddie”
B: “Maya & Marty”
C: “Amy & Chevy”
D: “Cheri & Billy”

“Amy & Chevy”

QotD: What urban metropolis is widely recognized as the only major U.S. city founded by a woman?
A: S.F.
B: Miami
C: Portland
D: Minneapolis

Thousandaire: Dayjenay Baker

What country’s version of the nursery rhyme “Old Macdonald” was adapted to “All Baba Has a Farm”?

A: Russia
B: Brazil
C: Turkey
D: Thailand

FA: Thailand


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