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David Essa (chef/owner of burger & beer bar in NC)
Tara Beam (chef/owner of Great Falls, MT restaurant & former ER nurse)
Kel Bundrant (EC)
Anthony Gurske (chef/owner)
J: Damaris, Aaron & Catherine

David: Chuck beef burger w/ goat cheese, bacon & duck egg
Anthony: Jalapeno popper slider w/ pepper jack, mayo & hot sauce
Kel: Lamb burger w/ spicy kimchi, marinated onions & cheese
Tara: Lamb burger w/ bacon, red onions & mango habanero aioli
C-O- Anthony

U-G: Red meat, poultry, bread & tomato
Kel: Fried shrimp roll burger w/ mustard mayo aioli & caramelized onions
Tara: Eggplant & pound cake burger w/ bacon & raspberry coulis
W- Tara

#1: This reddish bean has the shape of an important bodily organ (KIDNEY)
#2: Popular produce item that comes in varieties such as Red October, brandywine & beefsteak (TOMATO)
#3: Large nut famously grown on the Mauna Loa volcano (MACADAMIA)

FW: The judges competed for a $5K charity payoff.
Low: ALPHABET PASTA (Guy later also threw in some fingerlings)
J: Beau, Aarti & Justin

Catherine (Kenny Gordon Foundation): Guanciale beef burger w/ onions, sweet chili aioli & chips
Damaris (RSFM in Louisville): All-beef burger w/ goat cheese spread, tomato chutney & guanciale bacon jam
Aaron (Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors): Mac ‘n cheese burger w/ micro kale, sauteed guanciale & hasselback fingerlings
W- Aaron


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