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“Ca$h Cab” 7/1/10

G1: Joel & Robyn (52nd between 5th & 6th)(BtG: 37)

#1: In ’08 Condoleeza Rice & Jimmy Carter butted heads over his meeting w/ what Palestinian organization?
#2: Despite its name, what prolonged conflict between England & France actually lasted from 1337 until 1453?
Hundred Yrs. War
#3: Personified by a rainbow, the Greek messenger of the gods lent her name to what colorful region of the eye?
#4: Nicknamed S-Toon, what Central Canadian city was founded in the 1800s by teetotalers fleeing Toronto?
MSO: Julia (Robyn’s roommate)
Calgary (A: Saskatoon)
RLC: In the U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2009, five of the top universities are NOT in the Ivy League- name ’em.
MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford, Duke & University of Chicago

#1: From the Latin for “broken”, what complex geometrical patterns are staples of lightning, snowflakes & broccoli?
FQ: Literally performed by pulling the plug, what’s the nautical term for the deliberate sinking of your own ship?
FA: Scuttling ($1050)

G2: Sabrina (52nd & 2nd)(BtG: 40)

DR: Tommy, Christine & Jennifer (2nd between 77th & 78th)(BtG: 34)

#1: Named for a Henry David Thoreau classic, what bookstore chain was the first to operate in every state?
Walden Books
#2: In 2002, president Jacques Chirac of France narrowly avoided assassination on what patriotic French holiday?
Bastille Day
#3: Defined as a rescue from financial distress, what did Merriam-Webster choose as its 2008 Word of the Yr.?
#4: Originally paired w/ Robert MacNeil, what mild Midwesterner has anchored “The News Hour” on PBS since ’95?
(Jim) Lehrer

#1: Every Winter, thousands of Boy Scouts brave the chilly Delaware Valley to visit what iconic Revolutionary War campsite?
Valley Forge
#2: Also known as a Kretek, what flavored cigarette was introduced in the 1900s as a treatment for asthma?
Menthol (A: Clove)
RLC: Acc. to a 2008 Gallup poll, football’s easily the top spectator sport in the U.S. Name the next seven sports on the list.
NASCAR, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golfX (The one they didn’t get: Boxing)
FQ: The Russian towns of Murmansk & Norilsk are the two largest cities north of what major line of latitude?
MSO: Tommy’s brother Rob
FA: Equator (A: Arctic Circle)


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