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“Ca$h Cab” 6/30/10

G1: Jess & Lilly (3rd & A)(BtG: 32)

#1: Called the last word on words, what British reference book would take a person at least 120 yrs. to retype?
Oxford English Dictionary
#2: Introduced by an Irish-American in 1905, what wood-cleaning soap was once recommended for spiffing up haunted houses?
Murphy’s Oil
#3: Full of craft, French bulldogs Francesca & Sharkey keep a blog on the website of what dogmatic media mogul?
Martha Stewart
#4: For vegans who DON’T like soy, seitan is a faux meat made from the gluten of what grain?

Sole $200 Q: Less lenient than a pardon, what legal act of clemency was used to reduce the sentence of Scooter Libby in 2007?
FA: NOTHING (A: Commutation)

G2: Brian & Wes (2nd & A)(BtG: 47)
LOST $350

G3: James, Carl, Meagan & Ted (59th & Park)(BtG: 48)

#1: Part of an ancient love triangle, Cleopatra bore children to BOTH Julius Caesar & what famed Roman General?
Mark Antony
#2: A vital nutrient for plants, what chemical element comprises almost 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere?
#3: Deploying guerilla advertising for its boxy xB, what now-former line of Toyota cars marketed directly to Generation Y?
RLC: Acc. to the U.N. Statistics Division, Eastern Europe consists of Belarus, Bulgaria & eight other countries- name six of these eight.
Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland & Russia
#4: W/ Gayle King & Barack Obama as members, FOO is a media-created abbreviation for what elite group?
MSO: Meagan’s brother Robbie
Friends of Obama (A: Friends of Oprah)

#1: Often assoc. w/ photography, what brown pigment was initially derived from the ink of the cuttlefish?
FQ: In the classic ’48 photo, Harry Truman held up what newspaper w/ the headline “Dewey defeats Truman”?
FA: Chicago Tribune ($1150)


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