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G1: Prados (Tyler, Joe, Pepe, Kiki & Victoria) v. Cossalters

R1: Name something a lonely guy in AK might cuddle up to:

#2: Dog/hot husky (23)(Chris)
#8: Sexy Eskimo/babe (3)(Tyler)

Cossalters: (Polar) bear (TA- 34), blow-up doll, pillow (#5- 5), wet, warm seal (OTHER BA), wolf, goat
Tyler Steal: Nice fire- #3 (7)(#4: Fur/animal skin rug/#6: Blanket)

R2: Name something you’d be surprised a lifeguard did while giving you mouth-to-mouth:

#1: Kissed/tongued me (60)(Joe)

Prados: Drink, copped a feel (#2- 12), sneezed (T4- 4), stopped, asked for directions
Chris Steal: Vomit (#3: Burped- 7/T4: Laughed/smiled & chewed/spit gum/Sole BA: Fainted- 2)

Double: Name a reason a woman might say she ISN’T worried that her husband would CHEAT on her:

#3: He’s ugly (11)(Stefanie)
X- He’s broke (Pepe)

Cossalters: Nobody else wants him, overweight, she’s got $ (BA- 9), take him to cleaners
Tyler Steal #2: In love/trusts him- #1 (31)(T2: He’s DEAD)

TRIPLE: If you criticized the chef’s cooking, name something they might hit you w/:

#1: Pot/pan (46)(Kiki)
#2: Spatula (17)(Jessica)

Prados: Plate, food/French bread (BA- 9), fists & (serving) spoon
Chris Steal for Sudden Death: Rolling pin- ON THE BOARD (14)

SD (married men): Name something you would prefer your wife to go ahead & do w/o you.
Victoria: Shopping (80)

#1: Acc. to men on the scale, how much do you like a woman who comes on strong?
#2: A food/drink that begins w/ “Hot”.
#3: Name the most dangerous animal in the zoo.
#4: Something assoc. w/ Halloween.
#5: An occasion when people offer their congratulations.

Tyler: 5 (25), chocolate/cocoa (30), lion (37), ghosts (9) & graduation (9)
Joe: 10 (16), coffee (17), gorilla (5), costumes (23) & wedding (50)
Unsaid #1: Pumpkin/Jack O’Lantern


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 5/12/15" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    I was just watching the Cossalters’ first FM attempt.

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