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M-U: Mickelsens (Jay, Kim, Erik, Heather & Kris) v. Brinsons

R1 (men): Name something you’d like to borrow from Steve to impress the ladies:

#1: Suit/stylin’ duds (43)(James)

Brinsons: Cologne, big bucks/wallet (T2- 21), humor/personality (T2), bushy stache (BA- 6), home & jobs
Jay Steal: Smile (Unsaid answer on bottom: Rolls/car)

R2 (married men): What’s the first thing you’d do when you realize your wife’s MAD at you?:

#1: Buy flowers/gifts (23)(Kim)
X- Lie (Jack)

Mickelsens: Apologize (#4- 15), give her the night off, hug her, take her out for dinner
James Steal: Ignore/leave her- #2 (21)(#3: Be quiet/listen- 18/Sole BA: Ask/wonder why- 11)

Double: If love were really blind, name something women WOULDN’T bother doing to attract men:

#1: Makeup (38)(Sybil)
#4: Hair (8)(Erik)

Brinsons: Dress sexy/cleavage (#2- 13), nails, calling, showing personality
Jay Steal #2: Shave legs- #3 (9)(#5: Diet- 6/BA on its own: Get naked- 4)

TRIPLE (women): “It’s NOT OK for my husband to kiss women on the…” what?:

#1: Lips/mouth (79)(Garrett)

Brinsons: Neck, head, privates
Jay Steal for W or L: Boobs- #3 (3)(#2: Cheeks- 14/BA: Butt/cracks)

#1: Something a person might do to another person that rhymes w/ “lump”.
#2: Acc. to the men, how many women did you propose to?
#3: Name the place you think most people LOSE their cellphones.
#4: An animal that goes out on the prowl.
#5: A body part a pirate might be missing.

Heather: Bump (43), two (27), mall/store (21), tiger (19) & hand (18)
Kim: Stump, one (36), toilet (6), wolf (6) & eye (28)
Unsaid #1s: Car, cat & leg


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