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M-U: Caauwes v. Hunters (Kimberly, Shellie, Will, Gwen & William)

R1: If a man died while CHEATING on his wife, name something his wife might do w/ his ashes:

#5: Burn ’em again (5)(Angela)
X- Take ’em home (Kimberly)

Caauwes: Put in trash (#2- 21), flush ’em (TA- 39), give/feed to his ho (#3- 9), sprinkle ’em out, NOT claim ’em (#6- 4), pee on ’em (#4- 6), smear ’em & bury/potting soil (3)- SWEEP

R2: Name something specific about Mickey Mouse that other mice might make fun of:

#1: Gigantic ears (36)(Shellie)

Hunters: Head too big, huge feet (ONE OF THREE BAs- 3), eyes, clothes/gloves (#2- 29), wussy voice/laugh (#3- 19), honker/big nose (ONE BA LEFT) & legs
Angela Steal: Mickie- X (Final BA: Donald Duck)

Double: Name something that would be hard to do if you really had two left feet:

#1: Walk/run (49)(Dawn)
X- Jump (Will)

Caauwes: Dance/Hokey Pokey (#2- 26), drive (ONE OF THREE BAs- 2), skate, hopscotch, ride bike
Kimberly Steal: Swim (#3: Buy/wear shoes- 14/Unsaid BAs: Balance/stand & kick ball)

TRIPLE (single women): Name something that’s easier to catch than a man:

#1: Cold/flu (58)(Richard)
X- Bouquet (Rich) & fly (Gwen)

Caauwes: Ball, herpes, ride
Kimberly Steal for Sudden Death: Fish- #2 (26)(#3: Bus- 11/BA: Frisbee- 3)

SD: When someone says “Get it while it’s hot”, what are they selling?
Richard: Food/hot dogs (86)

#1: Acc. to married men on the scale, how good’s your wife’s personal hygiene?
#2: A kind of race that’s hard to predict.
#3: Something you wish you had less of.
#4: A sport where the players wear shorts.
#5: A holiday when a lot of people make phone calls.

Dawn: 10 (41), horse (25), bills (15), soccer (31) & Christmas (51)
Rich: 9 (36), auto (12), weight, basketball & New Yr.’s


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  1. jpgenius said:

    GO Caauwes!

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