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“Ca$h Cab” 6/25/10

G1: Mark & Adam (Coppersmith’s at 53rd & 9th)(BtG: 30)

#1: On Newsweek.com, what kitschy full-contact sport has been described as “Girls Gone Wild” on wheels?
Roller derby
RLC: Name the six Canadian cities that have an NHL team.
Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary & Edmonton
#2: Featuring the debut of Cherry Coke, the 1982 World’s Fair made a profit of just $57 for what TN host city?
Memphis (A: Knoxville)
#3: Said to taste like pork, what southwestern species of roadkill was called a poverty pig during the Great Depression?
#4: In a game of marbles, Aggie is the nickname for a marble made of what colorful variety of quartz?

Sole $200 Q: Abbrev. SPR, what stockpile of American oil is stored at five sites along the Gulf of Mexico?
MSO: Doug (at the restaurant where they worked)
Southern Petroleum Reserves (Actual First Word: Strategic)

VB: This national park in ME was once a southern retreat for the Rockefellers & the Vanderbilts. Borrowed from a French-Canadian colony, what’s the name of this peaceful New England picnic spot?
FA: Arcadia (should’ve left off the C)

G2: Henry & Ronnie Berenstein (Waldorf-Astoria)(BtG: 41)

#1: Bailed out by the government in 2008, what mortgage grant has been called the little brother of Fannie Mae?
Freddie Mac
#2: Named for a 16th C. Italian, what reproductive passageways are also known as the oviducts?
X (A: Fallopian tubes)
#3: What term for the nomadic Romany people was derived from the FALSE notion that they hailed from Egypt?
#4: The nemesis of a crafty coyote, what “LOONEY TUNES” character was the mascot for the auto website beepbeep.com?

#1: Sparking the battle cry “Free trade and sailors’ rights”, what war was also known as the second war of independence?
War of 1812
#2: Located south of Melbourne, what devilish Australian island was once known as Van Diemen’s Land?
#3: After tobacco, what purplish member of the nightshade family contains more nicotine than any other vegetable?
RLC: Acc. to the U.S. Census, the Midwest consists of 12 states. Name the five most populous cities in the Midwest as of 2007.
Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus & Milwaukee
#4: Meaning “of whom” in Latin, what requirement’s met in the U.S. Senate w/ the presence of 51 senators?

#1: The founder of Roanoke, what famed knight LOST favor w/ Queen Elizabeth when he married one of her ladies-in-waiting?
Sir Walter Raleigh
#2: 50 yrs. before Watergate, the Harding administration suffered its own scandal involving what WY oil reserve?
Teapot Dome
#3: Meaning “lemon” in Dutch, what French automaker has a reputation for making aesthetically-challenged cars?
FQ: Consisting of tight loops, what textured type of carpeting’s named for an indigenous people of Northern Africa?
FA: Moroccan (A: Berber)($1400)

G3: Kim, Rena, Jill & Rachel (14th & 2nd)(BtG: 38)

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