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“Ca$h Cab” 6/22/10

G1: John & Jenna (12th & Broadway)(BtG: 30)

#1: Containing 98.5% of the solar system’s minor planets, the asteroid belt’s located between Mars & what other planet?
#2: Identified by Freud, what defense mechanism causes a person to revert to immature/infantile behavior?
#3: Acc. to popular belief, what civilization mistook the explorer Cortes for the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl?
Incas (A: Aztecs)
FQ: Beginning in 2006, what silent Supreme Court justice DIDN’T ask a single question from the bench for over two yrs.?
Clarence Thomas

VB: During the 900-day siege on Leningrad, employees of this iconic St. Petersburg museum had to eat furniture glue in order to survive. Also a type of religious retreat, what’s the name of this enduring Russian institution?
FA: The Hermitage ($1K)

G2: Jerry, Mike, Nicole & Lucy (Hudson & Franklin)(BtG: 38)

DR: Jake & Stephanie (Knitting Factory on Leonard & Broadway)(BtG: 30)

#1: Acc. to a 2008 UCLA study, what common office supply from 3M emits x-rays when unrolled?
Scotch tape
#2: More pious than pilgrims, what strict band of settlers founded the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1629?
#3: Operated by Mozilla, what web browser’s logo features the Earth engulfed in a flaming furry animal?
#4: Allegedly adored by Vladimir Putin, Bjorn Again is a famous tribute band honoring what pop group?
Bjork (A: ABBA)

#1: Acc. to Arctic legend, what celestial phenomenon represents spirits playing soccer w/ a frozen walrus skull?
Aurora Borealis
#2: Growing up to four ft. a day, what giant member of the grass family’s often used for sustainable wood floors?
#3: Named for a D.C. institution, what monthly magazine famously featured amorous elephants on its 1st cover in 1970?
MSO: Matt
#4: Set in the online realm of Azeroth, what interactive game has been called the cocaine of the computer game world?
“World of Warcraft”
RLC: Incl. Mauritania & Zambia, 11 African countries end in -ia- name six of the other nine.
Somalia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Liberia, Nigeria & Tanzania (ON THE BUZZER)

#1: Known for its somewhat-suggestive shape, the geoduck’s an oddly-appetizing species of what shellfish?
Oyster (A: Clam)
FQ: Named for its Italian inventor, what blood-colored brand of aperitif has made cocktails better since 1860?
FA: Campari ($2K)


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