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IC #16: While in a maze, three bags of puzzle pieces were to be collected; the puzzle which had to be solved was in the compass shape. The winner also received an Italian feast to share w/ somebody else.
W- Brad (Chose to Take on Reward: Troyzan & Sarah)

TC #16: Tai used TWO HIIs- one on himself & one on Aubry. Sarah then used that Legacy Advantage to nullify any parchments against her…& Troyzan turned in a HII too, meaning Cirie by default was done. I’ve NEVER seen a TC work out like that.

IC #17: It was that one where you had to continuously move tiny balls through a small course using paddles. First to three came out on top.
W- Brad

TC #17: Aubry ran out of chances to save herself, as she was juried by a unanimous vote over Troyzan.

FINAL IC: The first part of this plan was to collect three bags of puzzles while going up & down an obstacle and its corresponding water slide. The second & final part was to solve a lighthouse puzzle.

FINAL ELIMINATION TC: Again, Troyzan got one parchment, so the rest went to…Tai.

$1M TC: Brad splits the first six votes w/ Sarah. The rest of the votes…DO NOT GO TO BRAD, WINNING THE BIG BUCKS FOR SARAH. Again, it just shows you on programs like this one, winning several challenges is just half the battle.


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