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$30K: W/ Beethoven one of its supposed victims, the superstition that a composer will die after finishing a certain symphony was called what?

A: Curse of the Fourth
B: Curse of the Twelfth
C: Curse of the Ninth
D: Curse of the Seventh

Curse of the Ninth$

$50K: Though they ALL held different jobs, what government outfit’s website lists Walt Disney, Conrad Hilton & Charles Lindbergh as former employees?

A: US Postal Service
B: Central Intelligence Agency
C: National Park Service
D: Internal Revenue Service


Raj Jain (Atherton, CA)

$500: Acc. to Allure magazine, it’s perfectly normal for an adult to have 1-4 what fall out per day?

A: Teeth
B: Eyelashes
C: Toenails
D: Kidney stones


$1K: A “hidden talent” that the creatures only seem to demonstrate in high humidity, which of these are you most likely to see a cockroach do during a heat wave?

A: Play water polo
B: Kayak
C: Do cannonballs off the high board
D: Fly


$2K: Said to predict future success, what psychological experiment gives 4-yr.-olds a choice of getting one desirable item immediately or two 15 min. later?

A: Marshmallow test
B: Broccoli test
C: Rotten apple test
D: Boiled cabbage test

Marshmallow test$

$3K: Pop stars Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez first met as 10-yr.-olds while auditioning to be “friends” of what singing-and-dancing kids’ show character?

A: Barney
B: Mister Rogers
C: Oscar the Grouch
D: Bill Nye the Science Guy


$5K: In an article titled “Death to Capitalism?”, The Wall Street Journal notes that ironically, you have to pay money to visit whose grave in London’s Highgate Cemetery?

A: Napoleon Bonaparte
B: Winston Churchill
C: Charles Darwin
D: Karl Marx

Karl Marx$

$7K: Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan & Adam Sandler are three examples Hollywood.com cites on its list of “The 10 Worst…” what “…in Movies”?

A: Self-Designated Stuntmen
B: Singing Performances
C: Cross-Dressing Roles
D: American Accents


B: 85%
Other choices: 5% a pop

Singing Performances$

$10K: When you open a yogurt, you might notice a pool of liquid floating on the top. What does it mostly consist of?

A: Pectin
B: Fat
C: Whey
D: Corn syrup


QotD: On which classic sitcom were the actors who played the main family’s “mom” & “dad” born on the exact same day: Jun. 21, 1947?
A: “The Cosby Show”
B: “Growing Pains”
C: “Everybody Loves Raymond”
D: “Family Ties”

To Continue Playing On Fri.: Famously mentioned in “Hamlet”, which of these’s an expression of fright known by the medical term “horripilation”?

A: Putting your head in the sand
B: Trembling in your boots
C: Your blood running cold
D: Your hair standing on end

Your hair standing on end$


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