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“Ca$h Cab” 6/21/10

DR: Elizabeth (Houston & Mercer)(BtG: 36)

#1: Also called a spiracle, what’s the more common term for the vent that allows dolphins & whales to spout off?
#2: Dispelling a popular myth, a Johns Hopkins website severs the tie between habitual knuckle-cracking & what degenerative disease?
MSO: Byron
#3: Introduced by Parker Brothers in ’34, what classic board game makes NO apologies for its similarity to Parchessi?
#4: What slang word for “psychiatrist” alludes to a ritual once performed by headhunters of the Amazon Basin?


#1: Hooking up professionals since ’03, what business-networking site did CNN dub “myspace for grown-ups”?
#2: A famous patron of Christopher Columbus, what Spanish monarch was the first woman to appear on a U.S. stamp?
RLC: Mandated by the FDA, the nutrition facts label lists six categories in big, bold-faced type- name five of these six important categories.
Calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol & protein
#3: MON on the NYSE, what agri giant got its start in 1901 by selling saccharin?
Monastery (A: Monsanto)
#4: Named for our 28th President, what folk musician’s guitar often bore the warning “This machine fills fascists”?
John Lennon (A: Woody Guthrie)

G2: George & Cheryl (Jackson Hole)(BtG: 35)

#1: The cousin of a shot glass, what bartending tool shares its name w/ the amt. of liquor it holds- 1.5 fl. oz.?
RLC: Along w/ Marquis, there are four other ranks for men in the British Peerage System- name all four of these ranks.
Baron, Earl, DukeX (Unsaid: Viscount)
#2: Abbrev. CR, what IA city’s affectionately known as “The City of Five Smells” due to its pungent grain-processing plants?
Cedar Rapids
#3: Meaning “religious abode” in Hindi, Dharamsala, India is the seat of what government in exile?
#4: Acc. to the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, it’s OK to occasionally split what simple verb form?

#1: Signed by Myles Standish & 40 pilgrims, what Plymouth Colony document was often called “America’s First Constitution”?
Mayflower Compact
FQ: Used as a weapon in WWI, what toxic gas is released when ammonia & bleach are mixed?
Mustard gas (A: Chlorine)

VB: Officially called the USS Constitution, this Boston-based frigate withstood countless cannonballs during the War of 1812. Despite her oak exterior, what’s the time-tested nickname for this sturdy vessel?
FA: Old Ironsides ($1600)

G3: Kim & Candace (Aquavit on 54th & Park)(BtG: 36)

#1: After TOSHIBA conceded defeat in ’08, what colorful format was declared the winner of the high-def DVD wars?
RLC: As determined by the bestselling book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, name seven of the top 10 sights featured in NYC.Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, The Met, Central Park, Museum of Natural History, The Frick & MoMA (Didn’t Need: Rockefeller Center, Times Square & Lincoln Center)
#2: Also called a tendon, what cord-like part of the buffalo was used by Native Americans to string their bows?
#3: W/ the headline “Goodbye, Colorado”, what award-winning rival of The Denver Post PERMANENTLY STOPPED the presses in 2009?
Rocky Mountain Times (A: Rocky Mountain News)
#4: Sporting its trademark O logo, what brand of sunglasses was worn by 88 medalists at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Sole $200 Q: Synonymous w/ the 18th C. tea industry, “Ceylon” was the colonial name for what South Asian country?
MSO: Cirly
FA: Sri Lanka ($950)


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