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“Ca$h Cab” 6/18/10

G1: Matt, Elena & Alana (80th & Broadway)(BtG: 46)

#1: A favorite interjection of “ROCKY BALBOA”, what two-letter word also refers to the number 11 in a game of craps?
#2: Fletching is the term for the aerodynamic feathers that enhance accuracy in what Olympic sport?
#3: Often OVERTAXED during adolescence, what system of the body plays a central role in regulating hormones & moods?
RLC: Aside from its former republics, Russia shares a land border w/ six foreign nations- name five of these six Russian neighbors.
China, Poland, Mongolia, FinlandX
#4: Though she’s flirted w/ Kabbalah, what pop star’s name’s an anagram for the word Presbyterian?

#1: In 1835 what tough-as-nails President survived an ASSASSINATION attempt w/ the help of Davy Crockett?
MSO: Wayne (Matt’s dad)
#2: A mixture of Creole & English, Bajan’s the language spoken by residents of what Caribbean nation?
#3: From a Latin word meaning “pardonable”, what adjective describes minor sins such as pilfering Post-Its?
#4: A terrifying shapeshifter from French folklore, the Loup-Garou was the Gallic version of what supernatural creature?
#5: Named for its signature logo, Roundel is the monthly magazine for drivers of what brand of luxury car?
Lexus (A: BMW)
FQ: Pioneered by James Ferrier, what esoteric branch of philosophy’s concerned w/ the nature of knowledge?

VB: Located in Washington state, this supersized dam boasts enough concrete to circle the equator TWICE. Harnessing the free-flowing power of the Columbia River, what’s the name of this dam?
FA: Grand Coulee (THREE GRAND)

G2: Ivan Hernandez (Battery Park City)(BtG: 25)

G3: Cambria, Nikki, Hannah & Mary (68th & 3rd)(BtG: 30)

#1: Also a tiny blood vessel in the body, what type of action’s used by paper towels to suck up water?
#2: In 1990 what PC co. broke the record for fine print by spelling its initials using only 35 xenon atoms?
RLC: Acc. to carspace.com, what are four of the five essential fluids in your car that should be checked on a regular basis?
Brake fluid, engine oil, window washer fluid & engine coolant
#3: Suffering from intense inflation under president Mugabe, what African nation debuted a $100T note in 2009?
MSO: Brett
#4: Named after the size of the electoral college, what website predicted the ’08 Presidential election w/ impressive accuracy?

Sole $200 Q: Clogging arteries in Canada, poutine’s a comfort food consisting of cheese curds & gravy over what?
FA: French fries ($1050)


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