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FF: Tracy Meyer, Ryan Stiner, Dia Prioleau & La Verne Jonas
IUFB #1: Microsoft Surface + stylus (ceiling)

TRACY: 700/RYAN: 900/DIA: 1K/LA VERNE: 1001

Dia overbid by a buck, so Tracy plays Cu for a ’17 Honda Civic Cpe (Std., Mats, Net, AA)(R).



BT: Food images
CBP: $19,764

M-O (G: $21,950 & $21,895)(ARP: $21,642)

5. Desiree Brancheau
IUFB #2: Hard Rock HOTEL San Diego WG (#6)

DESIREE: 2K/Ryan: 2001/Dia: 5.5K (SW)/La Verne: 2003

Ryan will be taking home the FLYScooter (A) & an Apple MacPro + keyboard, trackpad & 34″ monitor by winning the Bargain Game.
FLYScooter ($2099): $800- L
MacPro pkg. ($2378): $1.5K

6. Lynne Eginoire
IUFB #3: SuperJeweler morganite/diamond ring (R in CR)

Desiree: 1200/Ryan: 500/Dia: 1300/LYNNE: 675

Dia tries to warm up this show in the Hot Seat.

Hamilton Beach hand blender ($59): H
BaByliss Nano Titanium Miracurl ($200): L
Sunbeam retro radio heater ($39): H
Cuisinart rice steamer ($65): H
Coleman lantern ($30): H

BaByliss Nano Titanium Miracurl- $500
$2.5K: Coleman lantern- $50
$5K: Cuisinart rice steamer- $80 & BAILS

SCSD #1:
Tracy: .8
La Verne: 35 + T.Q.
Dia ($6,980): 65 + 60

7. Anitra Eckes
IUFB #4: 7pc WUSTHOF cutlery (A in front of CR)

Desiree: 450/Ryan: 501/ANITRA: 750/Lynne: 600

Lynne…over by seven bucks, resulting in Ryan playing CoG for the PatioResortLifestyles island + 19pc tools & 5pc wicker furn. (#2).
G: GOING ($9217)- O

8. Scott Greenough
IUFB #5: VG pkg. incl. an XBOX ONE (R at RS)

Desiree: 2300/SCOTT: 80/Anitra: 2200/Lynne: 1100

Total price: $1,…609- Lynne checks out at C-O for the ’17 Nissan Sentra.

Orbit: 1.25
SMUCKER’S Fruit + Honey: 3.25
Puffs: 1.55
Chef Merito meat seasoning: 4.25
Aspercreme applicator: 7.85
T = 18.15

FINAL PLAYER: Barbara Acosta-Hoffman
FINAL IUFB: Allie VR 360º cameras/headsets (A)

Desiree: 851/Scott: 999/Anitra: 1K/BARBARA: 850

ARP: $1,276- yes, Anitra was named after Anitra Ford. This Anitra plays MYM for the AICOK fabric steamer, 4pc TUMI luggage & a 5n OMNI royal orleans stay.
NL: 627435970
G: 627435970WIPEOUT

SCSD #2:
Ryan: H-D + 15 = .65
Anitra: 35 + 60 = .95
Lynne: 90 + 55

#4- One-wk. Divi Village stay
In front of CR- 8pc Tory Burch beach gear (A)
#3- Yaris iA

BID ON ARUBA/CAR SHOWCASE: $27,506 (ARP: $26,686)

#1- Bodycraft gym (R)
R of #1- Trip to The Westin Whistler
#2- Chevrolet Sonic (Std., Lug Nuts)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/24/17" (5)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    This show is terrible. The car game is now at a 8 game losing streak and a double overbid damaged the grade. I’m sure that Michael Taylor doesn’t show up. We don’t want to see the big deal knocked out right off the bat or a $100K loss on Wheel tonight.
    Grade: F-

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