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C #2 (“Tailgate BBQ”- last seen in S25): The participants were wrapped up like a hot dog in a casing & they had to wiggle through an obstacle course to the end, which was a bread bun. In this version, five teammates also had to carry a bag of chips in their mouths; if any bag fell onto the ground, a two-min. penalty would be assessed.
Male Captains: Phil (Paws Chicago) & Jordan (Lucky Fin Project)

AC #2 (“Blindsided”): Only one objective to this challenge- break a stick over the opponent’s head while blindfolded. Each player had a caller. Best two-out-of-three.
Phil (Louise) v. Shawne (Lights On Foundation)(Darrell)- PHIL (2-1)
Wes (American Cancer Society)(CT) v. Bananas (Special Olympics)(Darrell)- WES (2-1)


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