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M-U #1: Real Life Beasts v. The Ballers (Lorin, Paul & former snowboarder Meiling Huang)
W- RLB (3-1)(James won the captains’ heat right away, but he injured one of his shoulders)
M-U #2: Stratis Faction (Grace’s last name is now Sims) v. Labreckfast Club (Jesse L., Jon Alexis, Jr. & Noel Reyes)
SWEEP- LC (in the firefighters heat to lead it off, Noel came out on top)


M-U #1: RLB v. SF
W- RLB (4-2)(H1: James over Mike/SD: Drew over Mike)
M-U #2: LC v. TB
W- TB (4-2)(H1: Noel over Lorin/SD: Paul over Jon)



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