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$50K: You’d be most likely to see someone in which of the following professions wearing an aiguillette?

A: SCUBA diver
B: Military officer
C: Dentist
D: Football player

+1 & 50:50 (Alerick)- SCUBA DIVER & MILITARY OFFICER

Jill Smith (Norway, MI)

$500: At roughly 6’6″, what famous Russian leader was said to have stood literally head & shoulders above his contemporaries?

A: Peter the Great
B: Igor the Ginormous
C: Sergey the Sizeable
D: Dmitri the Dunkmaster

Peter the Great$

$1K: Acc. to RealSimple.com, you can keep unopened what for three yrs. after its “vintage date”, or for “20 to 100 years” if it’s “fine”?

A: Shrimp
B: Wine
C: Butter
D: Chicken


$2K: Which of these’s a SHOWTIME drama series based on the work of a groundbreaking researcher & NOT the name of a common college degree?

A: “Master’s of Applied Science”
B: “Master’s of Environmental Studies”
C: “Masters of Sex”
D: “Master’s of Landscape Architecture”

“Masters of Sex”$

$3K: In game design technology, the popular apps “Bejeweled Blitz”, “Candy Crush” & “Gummy Drop!” are ALL classified as what?

A: Simulated gambling games
B: Open world adventure games
C: Match-3 games
D: Fantasy violence games


A: 21%
B: 14%
C: 62%
D: 3%

Match-3 games$

$5K: Making a charge after the O.J. Simpson trial ended in ’95, what L.A. prosecutor turned to writing crime novels feat. fictional L.A. prosecutor Rachel Knight?

A: Kato Kaelin
B: Marcia Clark
C: Lance Ito
D: Robert Kardashian

Marcia Clark$

$7K: Which of the following’s BOTH the first name of the director of “Lost in Translation” & the name of Bulgaria’s capital city?

A: Siena
B: Valencia
C: Sofia
D: Victoria


$10K: Each boasting more followers than President Obama’s personal acct., the three twitter users w/ the biggest followings are ALL famous what?

A: Professional athletes
B: Journalists
C: Comedians
D: Singers


QotD: Which animal’s male reproductive organ’s actually one of its arms?
A: Newt
B: Octopus
C: Scorpion
D: Praying mantis

$20K: Acc. to a recent study of religion in the U.S. by Pew Research Center, about 1/5 Americans is what?

A: Catholic
B: Mormon
C: Lutheran
D: Jewish

FINAL HELP (Ranjanie)


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