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GFaS: Special
C: Toyota Prius c

Hunger Games & Harry Potter: HARRY POTTERX
WIPEOUT (A: #13)

Deal #2: Christine, Sharon & Patrick
$500 Rd. (#2): Christine- Benelli motorscooters
$1K Rd. (#3): NEITHER- Patio furn. & yr.’s supply of coconut water

Kelly’s FD D: $5K REAL/FAKE ENVELOPE- $400 (SB: Kitchen)

MHSLA: Emily & Michael
TRUMPET- $ (he did “Taps” acting it out)
BUBBLE WRAP- SQUIRT GUN (Wayne would’ve doubled the payoff had she gotten it)
FD: #1- Trip to Glacier Bay Lodge

Deal #5:
Monica: BB- Solar electronics pkg.
Courtney: #2- Exercise pkg. + $1200
Charmayne: SE- Z cruise (SB: $856 gold pendant necklace + Dine W/ 9 & sauna/patio pkg. = $9,695)

MoU: Elizabeth
C: Ford Focus SE
R: 5 ($300), 4 ($500), 3 ($1250), 3 ($1.5K)- BAILED (FR: 2)

Rodney’s FD D: BONUS $ SB- $500 & 4n Miramonte Resort & Spa getaway ($5.5K)(NO BONUS $ SB: French flies)

PD #2

BD (couple):
SD (#1): Grilling pkg.
MD (#2): Game rm.
BD (#3): rypien L.R. & trip to The Buccaneer ($20,335) + $2K- W

SOLE AIRED QD (Brittney): Chap-Stik (T)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/24/17" (3)

  1. A Good show after a rocky start. 2 Perfect Deals and a Big Deal win.

    My rating: 7

  2. Ismael Gomez said:

    Okay episode. No car winner thanks to an evil setup on Go for a Spin and a heartbreaking bailout on Movin’ on Up really sunk my grade until a Big Deal win raises my grade back up. We had to get a car win on Wheel or else there will be a car shutout for three consecutive episodes. I am sure Don Francisco would sing Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio to Special for playing badly on Go for a Spin. Let’s hope that we won’t see another wipeout before we say Rat Race.
    Grade: B

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