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M-U: Setrakians (Megan, Amber, Heather, Phil & Gian) v. Moffetts

R1: Name something a man discovers about his fiancee that would make him CALL OFF the wedding:

#1: She’s CHEATING (46)(DJ)
X- Talked to an ex (Megan)

Moffetts: Is/was a DUDE (#2- 20), she LIED about her age, she has kids, tons of debts/bills
Megan Steal: DOESN’T want kids

#3: She’s married (7)
#4: She’s a HOOKER (5)
BAs: Bi/crazy 4 coochie & ex-con/killer (4 each)

R2: Name something a waitress might put in a RUDE customer’s food:

#1: Spit (22)(Shelita)

Moffetts: Bugs/cockroaches (#4- 9), her fingers (T2- 15), dirt, $, booger/snot (#6- 7), hair (T2), needles
Megan Steal #2: Laxatives- X (#5: Pepper/spices/One BA: Hot sauce- 4)

Double: Name something a pirate might be EMBARRASSED to admit he DIDN’T know how to do:

#2: Sword fight (20)(Lorraine)

Moffetts: Sail/navigate (#1- 26), wear patch, CAN’T spell “pirate”, steal/get treasure (#4- 9), wash himself
Megan Steal #3: Drink (#3: Swim- 18/BAs left unsaid: Tie knot & shoot gun/cannon- 4 each)

TRIPLE: Name something of which you have a right & a left:

#1: Hand (60)(Phil)

Setrakians: Leg, eye, brain
DJ Steal to Shut Their Opponents Out: Foot- YOU BET (15)(#3: Ear- 8/BA: Turn signal- 5)

#1: Acc. to the women, name a part of your body that’s starting to look like your mom’s.
#2: How many days after Christmas does a kid get BORED w/ their toys?
#3: Something that needs to be changed often.
#4: Something that might bite you if you were lying in the grass.
#5: A day when you’re the center of attention.

Shelita: Face (23), two (15), oil (5), snake (19) & birthday (50)
Cheryl: Breasts (12), three (23- tied w/ 1), undies (28), ants (33) & wedding
Unsaid #1: Diapers


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 9/29/14" (2)

  1. jpgenius said:

    Oh boy – get ready for the shouting AGAIN (the Moffetts won $20K previously). 😁

  2. jpgenius said:

    Don’t wanna offend anybody here, but I have something to say about “bi/crazy for c——“. The day this aired was actually the first time I EVER heard the C-word and I thought it was a nickname. For a PERSON. Honest.

    Enough of he vulgarity, Feud! 😳😰

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