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Mason Dinar (11)(Boulder)
Sarah Yesnowitz (11)(Potomac)
Jared Contant (12)(Manhattan)
Mulan Jimenez (10)(BKN)
J: Geoffrey, Jesse James Decker & Jed Portman

A: Pork ribs, cornmeal hoecakes, zucchini & heirloom tomato kebobs
Mason: Hoecake & pork slider w/ sauteed zucchini & tomatoes
Mulan: Caribbean BBQ pork rib w/ grilled veggie stir-fry
Sarah: Grilled pulled pork salad w/ Parmesan hoecake crouton
Jared: Pork rib arugula salad w/ hoecake crouton & tomato vinaigrette
C- Mason

E: Flank steak, asparagus, AL BBQ sauce & roasted marshmallow truffle pops
Sarah: Citrus-marinated flank steak w/ grilled asparagus
Jared: AL BBQ sauce flank steak w/ grilled asparagus & chimichurri
Mulan: Sauteed marshmallow asparagus w/ AL BBQ-marinated flank steak

D: Grill cake, strawberries, smoked sea salt & figs
Mulan: Deconstructed trifle w/ smoked sea salt W.C.
Sarah: Chocolate-marshmallow fondue w/ strawberries & honey-glazed figs
W- Sarah


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