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“Ca$h Cab” 6/17/10

G1: Brian, Seth & Beth (30th & 2nd)(BtG: 34)

#1: Sometimes called the “Curse of the Celts”, what chronic skin problem gives Bill Clinton his reddish, ruddy complexion?
#2: Born w/ the first name Piyush, what LA governor changed his name to reflect his love of “The Brady Bunch”?
MSO: Stan
Bobby Jindal
#3: Reminiscent of a rodeo, what potent brand of herbicide was first marketed by Monsanto in 1973?
#4: Meaning “little box” in French, what audio format was introduced by PHILLIPS in ’63?

#1: In the field of game theory, what’s the term for a cutthroat situation where one man’s loss is another man’s gain?
RLC: In ice hockey, seven nations rule the rink- name five of the seven that make up the so-called “Big Seven” of hockey.
Canada, U.S., Sweden, Russia, Finland & Czech Republic

VB: A dizzy example of high-tech design, this iconic building turned the architectural world upside-down in 1977. Named for a former president of France, what’s this postmodern Parisian center?
FA: De Gaulle (A: Pompidou)

G2: Roy, Chadwick, Jim & Alice (Strand Bookstore)(BtG: 45)

#1: Entombed in Moscow’s Red Square, what Soviet leader’s body’s reportedly the most visited mummy in the world?
RLC: Spelled BRIC, the BRIC Theory maintains that four countries will dominate the global economy in the future- name these four nations.
China, India, Brazil & Russia
#2: In the exciting world of emoticons, what sentimental symbol’s created by typing the less-than sign & then the number 3?
#3: Home to Mt. Mitchell, what East Coast state boasts eight of the 10 highest peaks east of the Mississippi?
NY (A: NC)
#4: Streaming TV & movies on demand, what website’s name comes from a Chinese phrase meaning “holder of precious things”?

#1: Dubbed “The world’s best flying ring”, what Frisbee-like toy has flown over a quarter of a mile in a single throw?
MSO: Alan
#2: Pouring water directly into the nose, what variety of pot’s commonly used to clear out the sinuses in South Asia?
FQ: After signing an accord w/ Hitler, what British PM INCORRECTLY predicted “peace for our times”?
FA: Neville Chamberlain ($1350)

G3: John & Colleen (Trader Joe’s on 14th between 2nd & 3rd)(BtG: 39)
LOST $200


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