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$20K: If you let it go, a helium-filled rubber party balloon will generally float about how high above the ground before popping & falling back to earth?

A: 60ft
B: 600ft
C: Six miles
D: 60 miles

Six miles$

$30K: W/ some aquariums recently using to STOP using the term, what animal name does The New World Encyclopedia say’s often considered a misnomer?

A: Octopus
B: Blue whale
C: Galapagos giant tortoise
D: Jellyfish

FA: LEFT (A: Jellyfish)

Les Chun (S.F.)

$500: Playing on a term about dining discounts, a midnight showing on the day an anticipated sci-fi film’s released is called the early what special?

A: Nerd
B: Jock
C: Homecoming queen
D: Hall monitor


$1K: It may NOT make the younger siblings who get stuck there feel any better, but Esurance.com says that in today’s new cars, generally the safest place to sit’s where?

A: Driver’s seat
B: Front passenger seat
C: Rear seat middle
D: Rear seat window

Rear seat middle$

$2K: In the 1970s The Washington Post questioned the safety of what “fad” candy that famously blew open the doors of a delivery truck after being overheated?

C: Swedish Fish
D: JOLLY Ranchers


$3K: Though they only sell it to countries who agree to use it solely for peaceful purposes, Australia’s home to nearly a third of the world’s total supply of what?

A: Aluminum
B: Helium
C: Titanium
D: Uranium


$5K: At a staggering 13,615ft., what aptly-named Bolivian city’s nearly three times higher than Denver in elevation?

A: El Este
B: El Alto
C: El Antiguo
D: El Bajo

El Alto$

$7K: If you want to use the precise terminology, the ’80s New Wave band that recorded the hit “I Ran” should actually be called what?

A: “Male Homo Sapiens at Work”
B: “A Colony of Seagulls”
C: “Dexy’s Midnight Pronators”
D: “Talking Craniums”

“A Colony of Seagulls”$

$10K: Volunteers stuffed human hair into 50K pairs of pantyhose donated by Hanes in order to assist in the aftermath of what 2010 disaster?

A: Hurricane Sandy
B: Balinese tsunami
C: Chilean earthquake
D: Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Deepwater Horizon oil spill$

$20K: Measuring from the cities in their shows’ titles, which of these bravo “Real Housewives” lives nearest to “…of New York” star Bethenny Frankel?

A: Lisa Vanderpump
B: Tamra Barney
C: NeNe Leakes
D: Teresa Giudice


QotD: “Rope”, “Wedge” & “Stovepipe” are ALL varieties of what?
A: Furnaces
B: Skateboard tricks
C: Ladders
D: Tornadoes

To Return Wed.: People now call him “Your Holiness”, but childhood friends of Pope Francis knew him as what?

A: Tomas
B: Pablo
C: Jorge
D: Bruno



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