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“Ca$h Cab” 6/15/10

G1: Tracy Wong (Palm at Second & 45th)(BtG: 46)

#1: Laying low in L.A., a nearly-intact mammoth skeleton was discovered in 2009 next to what famously-sticky site?
La Brea Tar Pits
#2: Popularized by educator Thomas Gallaudet, what unique language’s abbrev. ASL?
American sign language
#3: Established in 1970, what federal agency has been described as the extended shadow of Rachel Carlson?
#4: Eternally upstaged by the Titanic, what British luxury liner was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915?
The Lusitania

Sole $200 Q: Made famous by MONOPOLY, what DEFUNCT railroad served Philadelphia, Atlantic City & the city for which it’s named?
MSO: Andrew (classmate)
FA: Reading

G2: Robin, Chloe & Rena (left side of 13th & Third)(BtG: 33)

G3: Keith, Pat & Brian (51st & Ninth)(BtG: 47)

#1: In 1864 President Lincoln autographed copies of what iconic executive order to raise funds for wounded soldiers?
Emancipation Proclamation
#2: Occurring every May, the world’s only public auction of elk antlers takes place at what WY resort valley?
Jackson Hole
RLC: Name six of the nine states that Obama won in ’08 that George W. Bush won in ’04.
VA, NC, OH, FL, NM & CO (Unnecessary: IA, IN & NV)
#3: What leftist Latin American was the subject of a 1960s snapshot said to be the most famous photograph in the world?
Che Guevara
#4: Inspired by a Freudian concept, what comic strip was set in a medieval kingdom populated by IDIOTS?
Wizard of Id

#1: Introducing Americans to stir-fry & soy sauce, what long-running PBS show made a star out of chef Martin Yan?
X (A: “Yan Can Cook”)
#2: Represented by a shovel-wielding icon, what website’s designed to unbury interesting stories on the Internet?
#3: From the Latin for “sausage”, what paralyzing bacterial disease’s usually called by POORLY-canned food?
#4: Championed by Aristotle, what precious principle’s defined as the desirable middle ground between two extremes?
The Golden Mean
FQ: Known as the BoP, what agency’s responsible for the custody & care of over 200K federal inmates?
Bureau of Prisons

VB: Reviled by some & revered by others, what famous revolutionary lent his name to the “Paris of the Orient”?
FA: Ho Chi Minh ($3300)


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