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Isaac Hirsch (standup comedian in L.A.)
+1: Steve

$500: Acc. to a rule established in 1974, no matter how great your accomplishments are, you CAN’T be considered for a Nobel Prize if you’re NOT what?

A: Related to Alfred Nobel
B: A Green Bay Packers fan
C: Alive
D: At least seven months pregnant


$1K: Affectionately called “Mr. Trash Wheel”, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Water Wheel is a hydro-powered garbage interceptor that’s removed over 7.4M what?

A: Discarded Apple iPads
B: Abandoned 18-wheelers
C: Cigarette butts
D: Used waterbed mattresses

Cigarette butts$

$2K: It may sound fancier than our version, but Poisson Un, Poisson Deux, Poisson Rouge, Poisson Bleu was just the French title of a children’s book by whom?

A: J.K. Rowling
B: Dr. Seuss
C: Robert Louis Stevenson
D: Judy Blume

Dr. Seuss$

$3K: Adding the word “The” to which of these clothing brands produces the title of a classic ’70s Gene Hackman film?

A: Armani Exchange
B: French Connection
C: Wet Seal

“French Connection” $

$5K: The centerpiece of what Williamstown, KY tourist attraction that opened last yr. is about 510 ft. long, or 300 cubits?

A: Kentucky Derby Museum
B: Muhammad Ali Walk of Fame
C: World’s Largest Louisville Slugger
D: Noah’s Ark Encounter

Noah’s Ark Encounter$

$7K: Instead of using their real names, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer played Carly & Evelyn in the original pilot for what Comedy Central series?

A: “Another Period”
B: “Broad City”
C: “Idiotsitter”
D: “Workaholics”

“Broad City”$

$10K: If you want to be overly dramatic upon seeing the basket-clad bottle that Chianti wine’s traditionally presented in, you could scream what?

A: “It’s a calamity!”
B: “It’s a fiasco!”
C: “It’s a catastrophe!”
D: “It’s a debacle!”

“It’s a fiasco!”$

$20K: When the Dominion of Canada was formed in 1867, ALL BUT which of these were among Canada’s original four provinces?

A: Ontario
B: Quebec
C: Nova Scotia
D: British Columbia


A: 10%
B: 7%
C: 48%
D: 35%

Nova ScotiaAUDIENCED OUT (A: B.C.)

Daniel Kells

$500: Before they can get a driver’s license, citizens of many European countries are required to be trained in what?

A: Taekwondo
B: First aid
C: Calligraphy
D: Modern dance

First aid$

$1K: Whoopi’s character Sister Mary Clarence rejoined her religious order in the ’93 movie “Sister Act 2”, which had what subtitle?

A: “Back in the Habit”
B: “Back in the Bonnet”
C: “Back in the Yarmulke”
D: “Back in the Turban”

“Back in the Habit”$

$2K: W/ many people making it part of “wakin’ up”, what brand of ground coffee does The World Almanac say’s still America’s bestselling, despite the rise of competitors?

A: Folgers
B: Sanka
C: Chock full o’ Nuts


$3K: Much like the generally POOR-hitting pitchers in baseball, in what sport do the players known as “bowlers” tend to bat toward the end of the lineup?

A: Rugby
B: Cricket
C: Badminton
D: Croquet


$5K: Flavorwire includes Selina Meyer, Leslie Knope & Alicia Florrick on its list of “the Most Groundbreaking Female…” what in pop culture?

A: Doctors
B: Teachers
C: Scientists
D: Politicians


QotD: The B&O Railroad Museum is located NOT in OH, but in what other U.S. state hinted at in its name?

$7K: Known for his manly beauty, what god of the Sun, healing & prophecy has the name name in BOTH Greek & Roman mythology?

A: Bacchus
B: Neptune
C: Zeus
D: Apollo


A: 4%
B: 2%
C: 33%
D: 61%


To Come Back on Tues.: Which of the following questions DOESN’T have a two-word answer that could be abbreviated as A.A.?

A: “The University of Michigan is in what city?”
B: “Who played Hawkeye on ‘M*A*S*H’?”
C: “Who was America’s second First Lady?”
D: “What airline’s lounges are called Sky Clubs?”

“What airline’s lounges are called Sky Clubs?”$

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