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G1: Christopher, Geraldine & Joanna (2nd & 77th)(BtG: 43)

#1: For kids who know their classics, Cattus Petasatus was the Latin translation of what iconic book?
The Cat in the Hat
RLC: Name the four ingredients in German beer.
Hops, barley, water & yeast
#2: A former capital of French Louisiana, what Alabama city’s named for the local Indian tribe, NOT a child’s plaything?
Lafayette (A: Mobile)
#3: Though just 1/5 the size of China, what nation of over 17K islands boasts Asia’s longest coastline?
#4: Based on DNA analysis, what extinct, flightless bird from Mauritius was a distant cousin of the pigeon?

#1: From the Latin for “nothing”, what meaningless philosophical doctrine was espoused by Nietzsche?
MSO: John O’Connell
#2: The only Confederate soldier convicted of war crimes, Henry Wirz was Commandment of what INFAMOUS Civil War prison?
Ft. Sumter (A: Andersonville)
FQ: Meaning “circle” in Sanskrit, what new-age concept refers to centers of physic energy in the body?
FA: Chakras ($1150)

G2: Tony Moore (One If By Land, Two If By Sea on Barrow & Seventh)(BtG: 32)

DR: Christina, Michael & Matt (Maritime Hotel on 16th & Ninth)(BtG: 35)

#1: Abbrev. PD, what degenerated disorder was named for the doctor who first dubbed it “the shaking palsy”?
Parkinson’s Disease
#2: Leaning far to the left, Chavismo is a political ideology inspired by the president of what Latin American nation?
#3: Protesting his distaste for cruciferous veggies, farmers sent President George H.W. Bush 10 tons of what in ’90?
Corn (A: Broccoli)
#4: Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2002, the phrase “Go up to 11” originated in what classic mockumentary?
“This is Spinal Tap”

#1: After disappearing over the Sierra Nevadas, what adventurous millionaire & aviator was declared dead in 2008?
Steve Fossett
#2: Composed in 1994, what tech co.’s four-note jingle was meant to invoke innovation & the inside of a computer?
RLC: Acc. to Forbes, name five of the 10 top-earning celebrity chefs besides Alain Ducasse & Nobu Matsuhisa.
Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray & Paula Deen (Leftovers: Tom Colicchio, Wolfgang Puck & Gordon Ramsay)

VB: Often enveloped in a wispy fog, what’s the name of the scenic Appalachian mountain range in Pigeon Forge, TN?
FA: The Smoky Mountains ($2400)


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