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“Ca$h Cab” 4/30/09

G1: Tim & Zenev (The Dakota on CPW & 72nd)(BtG: 31)

#1: Synonymous w/ Swiss cake rolls, what diminutive ad icon has graced snack cake boxes since 1960?
Little Debbie
#2: Used by employees to make minor purchases, what form of discretionary funds is abbrev. PC?
Petty cash
#3: In the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819, what country ceded FL to the U.S. while keeping control of TX?
Mexico (A: Spain)
#4: Introduced by Hanna-Barbera in ’40, what cat & mouse duo was criticized for taking cartoon violence to new heights?

#1: Sometimes known as a wine director, what restaurant professional specializes in pairing vino w/ your vittles?
The Sommelier
#2: A symbol of cohesion & stability, what’s the term for the skinny metal rod that secures a wheel to its axle?
Cotter pin (A: Linchpin)
#3: Used to send a gladiator to his DEATH, what affirmative hand gesture was known as pollice verso in Ancient Rome?
Thumbs up
#4: Functioning as a prenatal shock absorber, what fluid protects a fetus from the knocks & pings of everyday life?

Sole $200 Q: A marriage of Colonial India & Scottish Tartans, what preppy fabric gets its name from a seaport on the Bay of Bengal?
FA: Madras

G2: Rosemary, James, Daniel & Jack (Bleecker & Perry)(BtG: 49)

#1: In interior design, what regal-sounding variety of trim’s installed between the ceiling & the walls?
Crown molding
#2: Thrilling spectators on the Champs-Elysees, Charles Godefroy flew his biplane through what Parisian monument in 1919?
Eiffel Tower (A: Arc de Triomphe)
#3: Abbrev. NAV, what software has detected over 70K computer bugs since its ’90 release?
Norton AntiVirus
#4: In the King James Bible, what synonym for “fathered” appeared over 60 times in the book of Genesis?

Sole $200 Q: Newly created in 2003, what Cabinet-level position’s last in line of Presidential succession?
Head of Homeland Security

VB: Carved into centuries-old sandstone, the ruins of Petra are a famed highlight of what neighbor of Israel?
FA: Syria (A: Jordan)

G3: Melanie, Puja & Ian (Eiffel Bagel on 3rd & 51st)(BtG: 39)

#1: Brushing breath for over a century, what brand of gum did druggist Franklin Canning invent in 1899 to promote oral health?
Trident (A: Dentyne)
#2: To the chagrin of Secularists, what Irvin Berlin song’s played at Yankee Stadium during the 7th-inning stretch?
“God Bless America”
#3: An alternative to .gov, what top-level domain name’s reserved for the Department of Defense & its branches?
#4: Meaning “elsewhere” in Latin, what’s the term for a legal defense that places the suspect away from the scene of the crime?

#1: Shouting “Death to pharaoh”, Khalid Islambouli famously ASSASSINATED what Egyptian president in 1981?
(Gamal Abdel) Nasser (A: Anwar Sadat)
#2: The backbone of some IKEA furniture, what dense building material’s made from wood chips, resin & sawdust?
#3: Also called a double headlock, what dangerous type of hold’s BANNED in HS wrestling?
Full Nelson
#4: What classic arcade VG feat. three intermissions titled “They Meet”, “The Chase” & “Junior”?
RLC: Name four of the five Woody Allen films that made filmsite.org’s Top 300.

“Manhattan”, “Annie Hall”, “Hannah & Her Sisters” & “Sleeper” (they also got “Crimes and Misdemeanors”)

Sole $200 Q: Home to the world’s largest nightclub, what swinging Spanish island has been nicknamed “Gomorrah of the Med”?
FA: Ibiza ($900)


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