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DR: Capt. Andy Hillstrand & Josh Harris (City Crab on 6th & Columbia)(played for the Ronald McDonald House)(BtG: 50)

For these games, an extra Street S-O was offered.

#1: Founded in Seattle in 1916, what aerospace contractor put the B in B-17, B-29 & B-52?
#2: What chilly Russian region’s now a metaphor for punishment & exile?
#3: Testing a well-known expression, “Mythbusters” once confirmed that it’s easy to shoot fish in what location?
#4: Produced by Intoximeters, Inc., the Alco-Sensor is a leading brand of what testing device?

#1: Set on all-terrain outdoor tracks, what muddy freestyle motorcycle sport’s also known as Scrambling?
#2: Also a nickname for “insane asylum”, what nautical term refers to the trap door that allows sailors to go below deck?
MSO: Beth
#3: While the equator circles the globe at 0º of latitude, the geographic North Pole lies on what line of latitude?
60º (A: 90º)
#4: What endangered species of crane can be heard up to two miles away?

#1: The logo of what clothing brand was inspired by Yosemite’s half-dome?
The North Face
FQ: What specific engine problem occurs when gas bubbles block an engine’s flow of fuel?
SSO #2
Flooding (A: Vapor lock)

VB: Boasting multiple masts, this variety of vessel commanded the high seas during the era of privateering & blockade runs. Sharing its name w/ a tall glass of beer, what’s this swift sailing boat?
FA: Schooner ($2800)

DR #2: Sig, Edgar & Norman Hansen (South Sea Streetport)(played for Children’s Hospital of Seattle)(BtG: 50)

#1: Often overshadowing his pal Rocky, what classic cartoon character hailed from the state of Moosylvania?
#2: Familiar to all fans of XBOX, what iconic VG series is named for its ring-shaped, sci-fi setting?
#3: Ranging from 87-93 at service stations, what numerical rating determines whether gas is regular or premium?
#4: In the drama-filled world of geometry, what measurement of a circle’s calculated by doubling the radius?
Circumference (A: Diameter)

#1: Acc. to wrestling historians, what specific type of match debuted in ’37, a ring enclosed w/ chicken wire?
#2: From the French word for “frame”, what’s the term for the metal structure that functions as the skeleton of the car?
#3: Responding to its “Charbucks” moniker, STARBUCKS introduced a lighter roast named for what fabled Seattle market?
MSO: Mike
Pike Place
#4: Abbrev. TD, what classification’s given to a low-pressure system before it intensifies into a tropical storm?
Tropical depression

#1: From an Old English word for “pulley”, what mechanical winding device’s designed to haul or hoist loads?
#2: In 1991 what Filipino volcano erupted so violently that it lowered global temperatures for two yrs.?
Krakatoa (A: Pinatubo)
FQ: A full moon occurs when the Moon’s farthest from the Sun- what phase occurs when it’s closest?
New moon

VB: This climber’s clawing his way to the top w/ the help of a rope & dozens of D-shaped metal rings. Sometimes called a crab for short, what’s the name for these staples of safe mountain earrings?
FA: Carabiners ($3800- they matched that)


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