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FF: Robin Moore, Christine Overton, Helen Carvalho & Christopher Bailey
IUFB #1: audio-technica pkg. (J at #5)


Christine would be playing PaB w/ a modified breakdown for this day only- two of the $100 slips were replaced w/ CAR slips. Finding either one of those & going along w/ it would win a $34,295 BMW 320i (#2).

CRAFTSMAN car polisher ($39): H
BLACK + DECKER auto vac ($70): L
Wagan Tech car cooler/warmer ($200): L
contigo water bottle ($45): L

#1: $5K
#25: HUNDY
#10: BMW- WON ALL FIVE PRIZES (Who Cared About: #45)

5. Crystal de la Torre
IUFB #2: STIGA Optimum 30 (both at SS)

Robin: 1100/CRYSTAL: 1100/Helen: 700/Christopher: 600

Robin played Double Prices right in front of CR for a trip to angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark (J).
DP: $6302 & $9422
G: $9422

6. Ramona Johnson
IUFB #3: MVMT watches (R- you can win a pair on the show’s website)

RAMONA: 750/Crystal: 850/Helen: 1K/Christopher: 1001

Ramona would indeed be playing the Clock Game for a theater rm.

#1: SONY PS4 VR bundle
WIPEOUT (LB: Danby 38-bottle wine cooler)

SCSD #1:
Ramona: 30 + 45 = T.Q.
Robin ($11,470): 35 + 95
Christine ($36,088): 65 + 1.00

7. Charles Suddith
IUFB 4: Xperia smartphone + one-yr. plan (ceiling)

CHARLES: 750/Crystal: 795/Helen: 1/Christopher: 850

By default & by virtue of winning the $1,370 one-bid, Christopher was about to play for the most expensive car of the wk., which turned out to be a…Ferrari California T.
RP: $169,024, $175,592, $181,885, $188,350, $194,938- M.O. (ARP: $206,473)(NP: $201,467 & $208,213)

8. Stacey Harris
IUFB #5: Electric carts + helmets (both)

Charles: 1201/Crystal: 1100/Helen: 800/STACEY: 1200

ARP: $1,…660- all Charles had to do was play Most Expen$ive.
Crystal Sauna for two (J)- W
Apple 27″ iMac (G)

FINAL IUFB: SONY car stereo (R in Clam)

ERICKA: 1200/Crystal: 1250/Helen: 1251/Stacey: 1252

Crystal overbid by $5, so Ericka would be playing StD for a Ford Mustang (Std., Yellow Paint, #51A, Wheel/Tire, AT, Prot).
N: 1234678

$2.99: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day & NearEast couscous
G: Couscous (2—-)

$9.99: chili’s Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo & L’il Critters
G: L’il Critters

$5.99: MILK BONE brushingchews & Northland cranberry juice
G: MILK BONE brushingchews (2—6)

FA: 27416 (ARP: $28,436)

SCSD #2:
Ericka: .95
Christopher: 30 + 45 = T.Q.
Charles ($8,492): 65 X2

#1- Kitchen (J)
R of #1- caravan.com tour of Mr. Rushmore
#2- Hyundai Sonata Sport


In front of CR- Prada shoes (R)
#4- Trip to Nu Hotel Milano + $3K
#3- Prius Two



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/19/17" (3)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    A rough way to end the week today. A dreadful playing for Clock Game really sunk my grade and two redeemed contestants made it to the showcase. A contestant won the showcase despite a wipeout on Clock Game for the first time since January 11, 2010.
    Last FFBC contestant this week: Helen
    Grade: D+
    Weekly Grade: B-

    • Okay show. Unfortunately TtM fuck up, Clock game wipeout and 2 motherfucking losers made it to showcase sunk my grade to its lowest. 3 games won. Punch a Bunch was the winner.

      My rating: 5

  2. well, only highlight from the punch-a-bunch won the car….. and top prize won since june 19,2014.(before 48 games, champ won the $25K)

    Ferrari California T is second most expensive prize and only second $200K+ car prize.(other one is Ferrari 458 Spyder($285,716))

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