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1st C: They went to the Corinth Canal.

R #8: This was something NOT done since S9- bungee-jumping above a body of water.

C #3: They would have to catch a flight to Hanoi & find their next clue being held by somebody in a park.

C #4: The next clue box was at the Quan Su Buddhist Temple.

D #9:
Bamboo Climb: From a choice of three marked ladders, those duos who chose this had to take their ladder to an apartment, climb up its stairs & retrieve a birdcage from the roof. They then had to return BOTH their ladder & birdcage to continue on.
Window Design: Teams who sided w/ this challenge had to gather three mannequins, find Pho Chan Cam & build a window display.

PS #9: Thong Nhat Park

W- Becca & Floyd (one-wk. Celebrity Cruises through the Galapagos Islands)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: London & Logan

1st C for Stage 10: They took a bus to the mtns. called Ninh Binh.
Budget for This Stage: $30

C #2: They rode bikes to the Bich Dong Temple & would be taking along a Travelocity gnome for the remainder of this stage.

SB: Tara & Joey were required to gather six dozen eggs.

C #3: The next stop was Thon Hai Nham.

R #9: Again riding bikes, they were forced to transport the correct number of traps to a fisherman.

C #5: Where they rode next to was the Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh.

C #6: They would maneuver a kayak using their feet & deliver some offerings to a ceremonial dragon boat.

PS #10: Hang Mua Peak

W- Matt & Redmond (5n trips to the Rio Perdtdo Thermal Spa in C.R.)
#2: Brooke & Scott
#3: Tara & Joey
FAILED TO MAKE SEMIFINALS- Becca & Floyd (Floyd got dizzy from that Roadblock on the way to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh & had to get medical attention)


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