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$20K: Only one of the following can weigh less than a nickel. Which is it?

A: Standard DVD
B: The avg. ruby-throated hummingbird
C: The avg. human tongue
D: A standard McDonald’s ketchup packet

FINAL LL (Jim Watson from Catalina Island)
FA: McDonald’s ketchup packet (A: Avg. ruby-throated hummingbird)

Final Regular Player of Wk.: Brandon Trotter (Louisville)

$500: Expanded & reopened last yr., the Bay Area’s SFMOMA now ranks ahead of its equiv. in NY as America’s largest “Museum of…” what?

A: Modern Art
B: Monkey Anatomy
C: Mediocre Airports
D: Madeline Albright

Modern Art$

$1K: Based on the Flesch-Kincaid readbility index, which of these documents does the Los Angeles Times say’s written at a 17.8 grade level?

A: Superfudge
B: U.S. Constitution
C: Green Eggs and Ham

U.S. Constitution$

$2K: Which of the following’s NEITHER a device for making coffee, NOR a common type of women’s hairstyle, NOR the title of a Meg Ryan romantic comedy?

A: “French Twist”
B: “French Press”
C: “French Kiss”
D: “French Stewart”

“French Stewart”$

$3K: Before they were famous, Jennifer Lawrence & Channing Tatum BOTH modeled for what 124-yr.-old teen-centric chain, once known for its RACY catalogs?

A: Talbots
B: Abercrombie & Fitch
C: T.J. Maxx
D: L.L. Bean

Abercrombie & Fitch$

$5K: W/ one of ’em stretching nearly 24 miles, four of the five longest American what can be found in LA?

A: Bridges
B: Docks
C: Runways
D: Driveways


$7K: What was the most common name for U.S. baby girls in 2014 & ’15, more than a decade after sitcom couple Ross & Rachel spurred its rise to popularity?

A: Olivia
B: Emma
C: Isabella
D: Hannah


A: 19%
B: 69%
C: 7%
D: 5%


$10K: Incl. the four “play-in” games, how many total games are played in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, since it expanded to 68 teams in ’11?

A: 34
B: 67
C: 69
D: 136

FA: 34

QotD: In 2007 entrepreneur Mark Pincus used the name of his dog Zynga when he created a what?
A: Children’s fashion label
B: Airline
C: Online game co.
D: Brand of snack chips

Thousandaire: Cassandra Knipp

Under CA law, landlords can require tenants to pay a larger security deposit & take out a separate insurance policy if they own what?

B: Ugly carpets
C: A waterbed
D: Roller-skates

FA: HDTV (A: Waterbed)


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