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GR: Regina
C: Volkswagen Jetta
P: #1, #4, #8, #5- BAILED (Other TNT: #2)

Antwan: $900 (#1)- Honda CB500X
Francesca: $1K (SE)- Donkey dollars

Because Lisa was able to spell APPLIANCES correctly w/ audience help, her $500 was doubled.
FD: BAILED (GB)- Pearl/diamond earrings ($3,760)

FDs in Nine Checks Deal:
Ami: #7 (SB)- Home theater ($5,895)
Sheryl: #8 (#3)- CHLOE pkg.

#1: $1,100.00
#2: $160.00
#3: $750.00
#4: $600.00
#5: $350.00
#6: $100.00
#7: $900.00
#8: $2K.00
#9: $75.00

TDG: Whitney

#1: If I took your prize, what’s the first thing I would notice about it?
#2: While using your prize, which sort of noises would I hear?
FD: #3- PD (trip to Sunday River)(#1: Mobile phone booth)

0 to 80: Amanda
C: Toyota Corolla
D: (10), (10), (20) &…(30)

Final Regular D:
Zian: SB- SONY camera & VAIO ($4,099)
Joelle: Two $1K American Express GCs (BB)- PD #2 (T-W bedroom)

BD (Whitney):
SD (#1): Fitness pkg.
BD (#2): Trip to Hotel Continental Palacete + $4K & EVERYTHING ELSE

SOLE AIRED QD (Ruth): Eight cents ($200)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/19/17" (3)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Upset episode today. No car winner but a bailout on Gold Rush and a medium deal win resulted a screwed up Big Deal week for the fourth week in a row. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: C
    Weekly Grade: C-

  2. 11 out 15 Points for the Big Deal this week. 2 Big Deals, 2 Mediums and 1 Small. Somewhat disappointing show.

    My rating: 6

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