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BT: Joanna (teacher) & Christine (ventriloquist)
GT: Luke & Adrian (cousins)

Ladies: This is Garrett’s old car. Where do the miles show the most?
T ($200): Odometer
Gentlemen: Which ones are really living in the sticks?
T ($160): Birds in Photo #3
Ladies: Which generates the most power?
T ($180): The Sun ($380)
Gentlemen: Where will you most likely hear a pin drop?

Luke: Just between us, who is the hottest guy?
T ($350): The one in between the ladies drinking coffee ($670)
Joanna: Which one holds the high score on this video game?
T ($50): “9 LIVES” arcade game ($430)
Adrian: Where can she see the US- CUBA, GHANA, RUSSIA or CZECH REPUBLIC?
T ($275): RUSSIA ($945)
Christine: Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was built in _____.

#1: It’s NOT about the money
Christine ($600): ¢¢¢¢
Adrian ($300): SAME (A: S)
#2: Her husband went shopping & bought too much. What did she forget to put on the list?
Joanna ($200): Bags of kitty litter
Luke ($900): Wife (A: “DOTS” on “SUGAR DOTS” cereal box)

SM: Logically, which window should replace the question mark (as the first three showed the Roman numerals III, IV & V)?
Luke (:31): #3
Adrian (:15): #3- W (VI)

BT: Tim & Steve (dorm coworkers)
GT: India & Kaila (military vet)

Gentlemen: Look out, ladies! Who’s about to turn some heads (out of the four people displayed)?
T ($120): The man turning screws
Ladies: Touch the cropped circle
T ($60): Image furthest to the left on the computer (A: Image furthest to the right on the computer)
Gentlemen: Which one swings both ways?
T ($240): Grandfather clock ($360)
Ladies: We botched the transcription. Which kid’s actually yelling in French?
T ($180): “WHEE!”

Kaila: Which dog had the most laps- swam one lap, swam three laps, swam two laps or dog tired?
T ($75): Dog tired (A: Swam two laps)
Tim: What should he press to get to the operator?
T ($50): Phone (A: Brain surgeon)
India: In the first verse of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, how many times should you clap your hands?
T ($175): 2
Steve: Unscramble the word (RTA) & touch what it spells
T ($125): The mouse wearing Mickey Mouse ears (A: ART)

#1: Ted’s on a long road trip & needs to fill up. Which exit (of the three) should he take?
Steve ($300): #2 ($660)
India ($300): WENT W/ HIM ($480)
#2: As of today, which is equal to 1/4 of a U.S. dollar?
Kaila ($1400): Euro
Tim ($1700): Quarter ($2,360)

SM: To find the criminal, you must find the …
Steve (:19): Monkey
Tim (:13): Superhero w/ “…” on his outfit ($3,360)


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