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G2: Krals v. Fates (Megan, Fred, Kimi, Steve & Randy)

R1: Name a celebrity you’ve gotten SICK of hearing about:

#1: Justin Bieber (32)(Megan)


Krals: Kim Kardashian (#2- 22), Khloe Kardashian, Tom Cruise (BA- 3), Charlie Sheen, Oprah
Megan Steal: Miley Cyrus- #3 (20)(#4: Lindsay Lohan- 5/#5: Paris Hilton/Unsaid on bottom: Beyonce)

R2: Name something a man might pick up on his way home from work:

#2: Booze (26)(Catherine)

Krals: Food/milk (TA- 55), dry cleaning (T4- 3), kids, woman/freaky ho (BA), movies/videos, spouse/mate
Megan Steal #2: Cigarettes- X (#3: Flowers- 10/T4: Condoms)

Double: Name something you DIDN’T do on the table while you were DRUNK:

#4: Strip (6)(Kimi)
#6: Slap some salami (5)(Matt)


Krals: Dance (TA- 43), spill (my Mai Tai)(BA- 3), urinate/drop a deuce (#3- 8), blow chunks (#2- 25), slapped the table, sleep (T5)- SWEEP

TRIPLE: If you heard someone talking about “The Boss”, who do you think they were discussing?:

#1: Bruce Springsteen (43)(Angela)

Krals: Work supervisor (#2- 32), spouse/mate (#3- 12), Steve Harvey, Donald Trump & the man upstairs
Megan Steal to W or L: President Obama- L (Only BA of board: Tony Danza- 3)

#1: At what age do a lot of men look like they should be wearing a bra?
#2: Something a large office building might have hundreds of.
#3: A color most people WOULDN’T paint their homes.
#4: Tell me something Old MacDonald had on his farm.
#5: Name a part of the body that on some people is short & on other people it’s long.

Matt: 50 (17), cubicles (7), pink (25), cow (27) & legs (40)
Jason: 15, people (7), purple (24), chicken (20) & arms (4)
Unsaid #1s: 60, windows, black & pig


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 5/19/15" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    ANOTHER woman Rob? TMI! It’s “a man”, not “a MARRIED man”! LOL.

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