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“Ca$h Cab” 5/28/09

G1: Orin & Karen (49th & Lex)(BtG: 41)

#1: W/ a name meaning “White Russia”, what former Soviet republic was described as “Europe’s last true dictatorship”?
Ukraine (A: Belarus)
#2: What’s abbrev. Ba on the periodic table?
RLC: Name seven of the 10 U.S. states w/ the lowest population density.
ND, SD, WY, UT, MT, IDX (Others: AK, NM, NV & NE)
#3: Sometimes called “plant lice”, what ubiquitous pests are the natural-born enemies of both ladybugs & gardeners?
Maggots (A: Aphids)
#4: Inspiring the headline “Gord help us now”, who succeeded Tony Blair as British PM in ’07?
MSO: Nick
(Gordon) Brown

Sole $200 Q: Patented by Charles Goodyear in 1844, what chemical process do we have to thank for rubber tires & hockey pucks?
FA: Vulcanization

DR: Ben, Lauren & Gloria (Metropolitan Museum of Art)(BtG: 31)

#1: In 1939 Massachusetts, Georgia & Connecticut finally ratified what 10-amendment addendum to the U.S. Constitution?
#2: Boasting the tunes of Bach & Beethoven, what animated Disney film was the first motion picture released in stereophonic sound?
#3: What triangular Greek letter symbolizes change or difference in mathematics?
#4: What expansive desert’s home to Death Valley, Hoover Dam & Sin City?

#1: Meaning “ship” in Latin, what’s the term for the area of a cathedral in which the congregation sits?
Sanctuary (A: Nave)
#2: One-half of a famed record label, what synonym for “dope” or “fly” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1993?
#3: Starring leaping lemurs & hissing cockroaches, a 2008 Bronx Zoo exhibit paid tribute to what exotic African island?
#4: After his 1993 death, the estate of what Colombian kingpin was overrun w/ the offspring of his four pet hippos?
MSO: Linde (Ben’s dad)
(Pablo) Escobar

Sole $400 Q: Inspiring a classic “Seinfeld” ep., what Midwestern state rewards recyclers w/ a whopping 10 cents per can or bottle?

VB: Designed to cut through the water at a brisk pace, this variety of vessel was once used to transport light luxury goods like silk or tea- what was its name?
FA: Clipper ($2600)

G3: Meredith, Katy, Jodie & Aniko (Megu)(BtG: 36)

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