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“Ca$h Cab” 5/21/09

G1: Bill (46th between 8th & 9th)(BtG: 47)

#1: What “LOONEY TUNES” rooster was inspired by a Southern-fried radio character named Senator Claghorn?
#2: The nautical equiv. of bootlegging, what alliterative term refers to the smuggling of liquor by boat?
Boatlegging (A: Rum-running)
#3: An outspoken separatist, Daniel Turp campaigned to create the Internet domain .qc for what provincial region?
#4: Largely owned by Amtrak, what Boston-to-D.C. railroad line’s abbrev. NEC?
Northeast Corridor

#1: Made w/ woven straw, what traditional Japanese mats serve as a unit of measurement for the size of Tokyo apartments?
#2: The chief component of cell walls in plants, what substance can be digested by cows & termites but NOT humans?
#3: Though landlocked, Bolivia maintains an active Navy on the shores of what odd-sounding lake?
FQ: In 1889, the American Red Cross handled its first large-scale disaster when 20M tons of water flooded what PA town?
FA: Johnstown ($1200)

G2: Steve Ning & Eve Nicole Lumere (17th between 5th & 6th)(BtG: 42)

G3: Marisa, Raj, Rob & Maude (Afghan Kebab House on 51st & 9th)(BtG: 36)

#1: Modeled after the military, what charitable Christian organization was nicknamed “Sally Ann” in Canada?
Red Cross (A: The Salvation Army)
#2: Used by Barack Obama & Howie Mandel, knocking knuckles is a friendly gesture more commonly known as what?
Fist pump
#3: A variation of Helvetica, what Mac-friendly computer font’s named for the 2nd-largest city in Switzerland?
#4: Nicknamed D&B’s, what restaurant/arcade chain has been described as CHUCK E. CHEESE’S for adults?
Dave & Buster’s

#1: The world’s largest dormitory, Bancroft Hall houses 4K midshipmen at what famed military academy?
#2: Honoring its best-known brand, what hyphenated brewing co. uses the stock ticker symbol BUD?
#3: Coined in the 1970s, what derisive nickname has been levied against MA due to its left-leaning fiscal policies?
RLC: Among America’s 150 largest cities, six end w/ -ville, the French word for “city”. Name four of these six cities.
Louisville, Nashville, Jacksonville & Knoxville

VB: This is Las Falles, an annual Spanish festival famous for its medieval pageantry & paper mache monuments. Also the home of excellent oranges, what Spanish city hosts this centuries-old celebration?
FA: Valencia ($1300)


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