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1st C (“Against the Ropes”- 1st used in S25): Both squads were split in half & each heat had teammates trying to get from rope to rope & then to the other platform within five min.; the discs were smaller than previously. The winners were the team who got the most players across the fastest.
Female Captains (because this was a female elimination ep.): Ashley M. (Facing Addiction) & Louise (Save the Children; the winning cpt. received $5K for charity)

1st Arena C (“Pull No Punches”- also from S25): Remember, the objective was to punch holes in a wall (which was thicker than before) that had to be climbed & ring a bell at the top.
CHAMPS: Ashley M. v. Veronica (Planned Parenthood)- ASHLEY M.
PROS: Lolo (Hurdles of Hope) v. Candice (Greater Than AIDS)- LOLO


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