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Because Sierra was voted out w/ that Legacy Advantage, she chose to give it back to Sarah.

IC #13: W/ one hand, they were forced to steady a balancing board & build a house of cards simultaneously. The Immunity Necklace wearer was determined by the first castaway who built their card house high enough to reach a designated mark.

TC #13: It was tied between Andrea & Brad w/ two votes a head early…but Andrea received the rest.

IC #14: On top of a pole, they threw a bucket into the water & retrieved hopefully enough so that they could pour it down a chute to raise & get a key. The moment they got their hands on the key, they would jump off the pole & get back to shore to unlock & solve a block puzzle.
W- Brad

TC #14: Sarah wanted to give it to Cirie, BUT IT WAS NON-TRANSFERABLE. After some heated deliberation that I’VE NEVER SEEN before in any prev. TC, Sarah used her Vote Stealer Secret Advantage to take Tai’s vote…which resulted in Tai getting two parchments against him, Aubry picking up one, Cirie luckily NOT getting any & Michaela being juried.


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